I watch out for nukes and see a yellow orb-like UFO fly over a top secret US Air Force base

A weapons technology company EX-NUCLEAR has claimed that he saw UFOs flying overhead while serving in the military at a top-secret US Air Force base.

Adrian Reister, 37, has decided to break his silence as unknown phenomena have become a serious national security concern for US lawmakers and the Pentagon.

Adrian Reister is a nuclear weapons technician who served in the United States Air Force from 2003 to 2007.


Adrian Reister is a nuclear weapons technician who served in the United States Air Force from 2003 to 2007.

Reister, a native of Texas, served at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri from 2003 to 2007 where a variety of nuclear bombs were stored.

Whiteman is home to the B-2 Spirit Bomber – America’s premier strategic nuclear stealth bomber.

Promoted to the rank of senior air force, his primary duty at base was to protect nuclear weapons while serving in the 509th Bomb Squadron.

The Sun Online verified Adrian’s credentials by looking at documents that appeared to confirm his military service and top secret clearance.

He has now bravely spoken out as he says he has never officially reported his UFO sightings due to a military culture of silence.

He came to tell his story with The Sun Online and Liberation Times.

Adrian, who received a medal for outstanding service, fears his top teammates will revoke his license and “put a target behind his back” if he says anything about the encounters. forehead.

But he is speaking out as many former US intelligence officials, nuclear launch officers and fighter pilots have spoken about their UFO experiences over the past few years.

And it comes as former US Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton even admit there is something happening in the skies above the United States that cannot be explained.

Adrian told The Sun Online that he witnessed the yellow orb-shaped UFO twice fly over the top-secret base while working as a “gun guard”.

Through his mission, he has a clear view and understanding of the bombers, fighters and other aircraft that will take off and leave the base.

So he was 100% certain the objects he witnessed were not military or civilian aircraft – nor did they move like any known manual vehicle.

And he doesn’t know for sure what they are, but admits they may be of alien origin.

His first encounter – in the fall of 2005 – took place while he was guarding a nuclear weapon being transported across the base.

Adrian said: ‘Of course during this time I was extremely alert, and I noticed a light or sphere hovering along the top of the trees, I thought it was just a star at the time. there,” Adrian said.

“But as I continued to survey the area, the light/orb shot up above the treetops and hung there for a while.”

And then when the team arrived to secure the nuclear weapon, the object shot straight into the sky and “disappeared”.

Adrian explains: “It’s not like it went up very far in the atmosphere, it disappeared… but like it wouldn’t have any kind of disappearing again if you know what I mean.

“I didn’t report or say anything because I didn’t want to be ridiculed and it didn’t sound like a threat at the time, just something weird.”

And on a separate occasion, he witnessed another orb of the same color and shape as the first, also hanging from the base before disappearing.

A US Air Force B2 bomber taxi descends to the tarmac at Whiteman . Air Force Base


A US Air Force B2 bomber taxi descends to the tarmac at Whiteman . Air Force BaseCredit: Getty

Adrian’s last strange experience at the base – in the summer of 2006 – was when he said he encountered what he could only describe as a “person in the dark”.

He said he was working in a locked area of ​​the base when he heard footsteps that sounded like “bare feet in a swimming pool”.

The nuke tech worker – who was working as an administrator on a night shift at the time – went to investigate and said he encountered a humanoid “gap”.

And he claimed that when he moved in pursuit of the phenomenon, it disappeared.

He describes the “airlock” double-door system as the only way out of the area – and says the motion sensors don’t trip.

Adrian said his encounter has shaken him – but he convinces himself to strive for it so that “sometimes strange things happen”.

He added that he didn’t report it because it was “not worth my trouble”.

Since leaving the army, he hasn’t had any other experiences like what he saw at the base and hasn’t seen any other UFOs.

He believes that it is “out of time” that the United States is talking openly about the phenomenon.

Adrian said he’s been inspired by the likes of former US intelligence officials like Lue Elizondo to finally speak out – after his interest culminated in the release of the infamous UFO videos by the Pentagon. Pentagon.

And his experiences coincide with the infamous “Tic Tac” incident off the coast of California.

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz dispatched two F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter jets to intercept a mysterious pill-shaped object that had disappeared.

Footage of the bizarre incident was part of a file leaked by The New York Times in 2017, bringing the UFO back to center stage.

Adrian is speaking out amid concerns about a link between UFOs – now commonly known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) – and nuclear weapons.

What’s going on with UFOs in the US?

UFOS has moved from sideline conspiracy theories to a real national security debate in America.

Pentagon officials last year took the unprecedented step of confirming a remarkable trio of videos showing US encounters with UFOs.

Debate is still open about what the phenomena caught on film are – but it has been made clear that something is up in the sky.

Perhaps most striking is a video called “Tic Tac” – which shows an unidentified object being chased by fighter jets.

The US also confirmed the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a Pentagon program set up to study UFOs before being disbanded in 2017.

However, it was replaced by the UAP Task Force in June 2020 following a vote by the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

Defense officials have since confirmed several leaked UFO videos and images were submitted to the Task Force for investigation.

Why suddenly demand transparency?

No one outside the secret wings of the US government currently knows for sure.

And as an addendum to the 5,500-page Covid relief bill passed in December, the director of the Office of National Intelligence was ordered to compile a UFO report within 180 days.

The UAP report dropped as expected on June 25, and while it doesn’t give away much – it doesn’t rule out anything as it’s largely still classified.

The US seems to have acknowledged that UFOs – whatever they are – are real and pose a potential threat to national security as they appear to be able to enter limited airspace with complete impunity. .

Is it aliens? The official US position is simply, “we don’t know yet” as more disclosure is expected in the coming months and years.

US lawmakers are demanding nuclear security reports as part of a review of a new UFO office as part of a multi-proportion defense bill signed by Joe Biden.

It comes after a number of US military veterans arrived and revealed their experiences with UFOs at nuclear weapons facilities.

Veterans even claims the phenomena have “interfered” with the weapon – including taking them offline – because they demand transparency from the US.

UFOs have gone from a fringe conspiracy theory to a serious national security debate in America.

And a Pentagon history report earlier this year revealed 144 military sightings since 2004 that remain unexplained.

Biden signed into law in late December, a new UFO investigation unit that will run investigations on the ground and probe for any “threats” posed by the phenomenon.

The office will be created jointly between the Department of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the key relationship between the intelligence community and the military.

It will probe to see if the strange vehicle has been reported to make noise for the US military unidentified technology from Russia and China or potentially something more outlandish.

The renewed interest in UFOs marked a startling shift after the government dismissed the phenomena at the end of the Green Book Project in the 1960s.

Pentagon announces launch of new UFO task force to ‘catch and exploit’ mysterious aircraft

https://www.thesun.ie/news/8195171/nuclear-weapons-ufos-top-secret-base-whiteman/ I watch out for nukes and see a yellow orb-like UFO fly over a top secret US Air Force base

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