I went to a friend’s wedding as a guest but she made me arrange the whole event last minute – I didn’t have any food or seats

WEDDING usually takes a lot of work to complete.

Not only will you need months of preparation, but an experienced catering and planning team to help.

An annoyed wedding guest tells a Reddit user about her weekend from hell


An annoyed wedding guest tells a Reddit user about her weekend from hellCredit: Getty
You can never imagine how inconsiderate the bride would become


You can never imagine how inconsiderate the bride would becomeCredit: Getty

However, one bride dropped her plans to the last minute – and dumped all responsibility on her new “friend” the day before the wedding.

Post on reddit, an angry woman recounts the experience she had with this bride.

“I recently met a woman and we were testing water for friendship.

“I don’t really feel it, but we’ve been out a few times a month or so we’ve known each other,” she began.

At that time, the 22-year-old – who works as an event planner for businesses and medical conferences – received an invitation to this new friend’s wedding, which was fast approaching.

The bride then asks the woman if she would like to sleep with her and her bridesmaids the night before the wedding and be ready with them in the morning.

“Sounds like fun. We hang out, go to bed, do our hair and makeup together the next day before the wedding,” she continued.

“I should mention that the bride and her family are struggling financially (they have a house, a car, a job, etc and aren’t needy, but don’t have thousands of dollars to blow on decorations and contractors).”

When the woman arrives at the bride’s house the day before the event, she realizes that hardly any planning has been made for the big day.

No decorations are complete, no seating plans, no furniture arrangements, and no music in order.

“When all of this was laid out in front of me, I realized something else: I was there to put all of this together, because I work in the event industry.”

However, she is a very good person at it and decided to help.

“We drove to the hall to prepare for the next day. We worked around old men smoking and playing cards and squabbling with us, trying out different seating arrangements.

“They overbooked the wedding, and the hall couldn’t fit everyone comfortably, but I tried my best.

She found a “dusty dollar store valentines day decoration” box in the basement of the venue and tried to make it look good.

After returning to the girl’s house that very night, she continued to prepare for the big day.

“We plan the seating together, we prepare the table cards, the treats, the centerpieces.

“We mean mostly ‘me’, with input from the bride and half-hearted participation from everyone else there,” she said.

Contrary to her initial thoughts about sleeping through the night, not drinking, not eating snacks, and not exchanging happy gossip.

Instead, she stayed up until four in the morning trying to organize the impending event.

Wedding planning from hell continued the next morning.

“One of her friends is a stylist and was put in charge of the makeup and hairdo for everyone at the bridal party (not mine, though).

“She was running out of time and asked me to help her with the hair and makeup as well.”

The woman is starving – she hasn’t been given any food since she arrived the previous afternoon, and the bride lives deep in the suburbs, far from any restaurants or grocery stores which chemical.

“I asked the nearest store where to buy food, hope this helps [the bride] in providing something.

“She didn’t, and I walked half an hour to and from the nearest grocery store.”

Looking back at the past, she wishes that she had run for it now and there. But, she didn’t, and it got worse and worse.

When she got home, she realized she didn’t have time to do her hair and proper makeup so she simply “put on some foundation and mascara” and combed through her mane.

On the way to the ceremony, the bride asked if the woman would help her other friend install the speakers at the venue after the vows were over.

Naively, she agrees to do so.

“[I] sitting through the long, dull church service as her little one fussed and screamed in the arms of a relative on the bench, strained me in the end.

“Later, while the bridge and the groom, the wedding party, family and friends enjoyed an outdoor photo session, I was [venue] to setup AV and literally everything else. ”

After fiddling with the speaker enough to make it work, she looked over the seating chart to make sure everyone had a seat.

Though they overbooked the venue, she managed to squeeze out enough seats for nearly everyone invited — except for one: herself.

One of the staff members of the venue scoured the area and found a table and chairs serving cocktails.

“I put it in the only spot I could – slightly around the corner (out of view of the hall) and right next to the bathroom door,” she continued.

She felt terrible: no sleep, no coffee, and little eating.

“But I’m done! In a few minutes, everyone would show up, and I could sit and finally eat my first real meal since lunch the day before and be just a guest at the party. “

Unfortunately, she was wrong.

“I was so ready to have fun until I saw food service spread. All they call dishes: potato salad, pasta salad, processed ham rolls.

“At a glance, I can tell that they not only ordered the cheapest item on the menu, but also did not order enough for the number of people.”

That’s the last straw.

After the wedding party had settled down, she announced to leave their table.

Despite the bride’s lament, the woman eventually ran away – not in vain.

The woman ended her Reddit post by saying she will never see the bride again


The woman ended her Reddit post by saying she will never see the bride againCredit: Getty
I’m a wedding planner and these are the worst brides I’ve ever dealt with – one who won’t even stop the ceremony when her bridesmaid faints

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