If you are waiting for the release of Skate 4, don’t miss the incredible OlliOlli World

You’ve been waiting to feel like your whole life Ice skating 4, the right? Even as we heard EA almost reluctantly accept that ‘yes, a sequel is real’ at E3 2020, there have been a few precious updates on the title. Between the series’ push and push back into the sense of community and movies like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2, Skater XL and Session both popularized everyone’s favorite counterculture once again, skating – Finally – get the love it deserves on screen and accompaniment.

So you owe it to yourself to play the best ice skating game out in the generation now. You owe it to yourself for playing OlliOlli World.

If, like me, your only previous experience in the OlliOlli universe’s twitch reflex amusement park was back on the Vita, you’re probably rubbing your thumbs right now and taking anti-inflammatory medication for his early-onset arthritis. The series was pretty tough, and combined with nasty little Vita sticks that were stiffer than Southbank’s concrete slabs, the game quickly gained a reputation for being physically – and mentally – challenging.

Just like skating, ey? The same is true of OlliOlli World – the series hasn’t cooled one bit in its eight-year hiatus. The slightest distraction and you’ll slam it against the wall, climb down the stairs and put yourself into oblivion at the end of some particularly nasty rails. It deserves far more punishment than any stable game of its kind, and that’s mainly because it plays more like an arcade game than a skating simulator (or any hybrid game). as weird as the Tony Hawk game).

OlliOlli has always been about the flow, and thanks to World’s more open and updated design, you’ll have more opportunities than ever to find your passion while you’re honing, guiding, riding Wall and kickflipping through the world’s coldest skate parks.

If you’re a sadist (like me) you’ll discover some of the great replayability in the game through its challenges – they start off logically and, you know, before climbing. ladder as a fight between security guards and teenagers are stoned in a parking lot towards the following levels. If you think getting all the Distance in THPS1+2 is the aggravation, wait until you try some of the Radysus Challenges in the final game of OlliOlli World. It makes the Hawk look like a pose.

But better than the game aspect, there is also the way OlliOlli World holds a pastel mirror to the wonderful world of skateboarding in 2022. I truly believe that skating, now, is more inclusive than ever time out; Whether it’s the prodigious talent of the professional skaters that have made headlines on the scene or the way the female skaters at the Olympics have drawn a huge crowd, skateboarders and the culture that surrounds it – right now – is a great place to be. I put money into your local park to have young children, of all genders, learn ropes on shaky knees – post-pandemic, my obsession has been filled with children (and a large number of them). adults too) pursuing new pleasures and practically without a janitor. It’s unbelievable.

That’s something else reflected in the World of OlliOlli: people of all identities, body shapes, and skin colors are common on the world map, and everyone is equal. The only thing that sets you apart from your peers is how well you can string a combo together, or how high you can pull a Benihara over a yawning abyss. chalky desert. The characters you can talk to – from a guy wearing a prosthetic leg to a safety-conscious middle-aged man simply called ‘Dad’ – are supportive, inclusive, and healing. strong. It’s skating as it is now, not through some pink tinted aviator glasses you picked up in the ’90s.


This forward-looking homage goes to modern skating gels with the light visual feel of the game and the ultra-mellow lo-fi OST. It feels like Roll7 has purposefully softened and buffered everything in the game to compensate for how sharp and gritty the realistic gameplay is – and the result is a game that’s engaging, delicious, and often frustrating. This fury fills you with adrenaline then whispers at you until you calm down. With clear eyes and sore fingers, you land over 100 of those combinations, continue until the end of the level and then start all over again in a new language. Happy.

If you know what you’re doing, you should be able to beat the game with its own tricks from the moment your deck hits the asphalt, but if you’re cautious about choosing something like that this because – well, you appreciate the integrity of your fingers – don’t worry. The gentle (no pun intended) step-by-step process familiarizes you with the thumb-intensive gameplay that OlliOlli World expects of you.

Choose the basic elements of your assemblage – ollies, grind, flip, grab, manual – and learn how to knit them together. Then learn how to knit them together with the right timing. Then learn how to knit them together so that everything you do in a level multiplies your score. At the risk of being too romantic about it, that’s how skating works in real life; you get bones, then you get meat, then you get flashy. Mimicking that journey – with a character that looks, feels and represents me – is something I haven’t really experienced in previous skating games. And that makes me feel like a boss when all the connective tissues work together.


What more do you need from a skate game? If you’re craving Skate 4, or bored of playing THPS1+2, or even reminiscing about your missed youth tins of drinking and waxing curbs in your local park, I recommend picking up OlliOlli World. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

https://www.vg247.com/olli-olli-world-best-skate-game-skate-4 If you are waiting for the release of Skate 4, don’t miss the incredible OlliOlli World

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