I’m a discount expert and saved £15,000 in my 15 – top tips for using coupons to cut your costs

A LAD dubbed ‘Britain’s Coupon Kid’ after saving £15,000 in a year as a teenager has shared how you can cut your costs.

Jordon Cox uses every means possible to ensure he never pays full price for anything – and you can do the same.

Jordon Cox saved £15,000 with coupons as a teenager


Jordon Cox saved £15,000 with coupons as a teenagerCredit: Jordan Cox

The savvy shopper began bargain hunting at the age of 15 after his parents split and his mother struggled to make ends meet.

He tracked down hundreds of discount codes and money saving coupons and managed to save 15,000 in just 12 months.

Jordon then began buying items from charity shops and flea markets to make a profit online.

And he’s signed up with every loyalty program at the supermarket to earn points to spend in-store.

Jordon, who once drove home from University in Sheffield to Essex via Berlin because it was £8 cheaper, reckons he now gets a discount on everything.

Here the blogger reveals his top tips for counteracting the rising cost of living with the help of vouchers.

1. Flattery

Starting with his favorite way to make money through coupons, Jordon thinks it’s best to be bold.

Rather than relying solely on known systems, he often goes directly to businesses.

Jordon said: “Call me crazy but I email and letter companies to get vouchers from them.

“If you send them a really nice message saying how much you love their product – they love feedback like this – sometimes they’ll send you coupons back.

“The more effort you put in, the more you can get back.”

Jordon once sent a ‘love poem’ to drinks giant Innocent and received £20 in vouchers in return.

He was also given a £30 voucher after sending a 50th birthday card to another company.

But Jordon stressed that if you’re unhappy with a product or service, it’s also good to speak up.

“Usually you get a replacement, a coupon and an apology,” he added.

2. Stack them up

Jordon says it’s easy to save a fiver or tenner a week with coupons – which adds up to hundreds of pounds a year.

But he believes the best way to capitalize on them when they have higher value is to stack them on top of sales.

He said: “It’s all well and good to have a £1 voucher for something that costs £2.

“But if you wait until that item sells for half price, you’re essentially getting it for free.”

3. Loyalty Programs

You should sign up for any loyalty program they offer if you want to save money – but don’t forget to redeem your points.

In the Co-op alone, around £30m goes unused each year, which is essentially cash in the bin.

Jordon said: “It’s always worth checking your supermarket loyalty cards to see if you have any unused points.

“You could be sitting on a small fortune that can pay for some Christmas items.

“For a year I got my full dinner, including turkey and all the trimmings, for just 10p.

“I haven’t been able to do that since, but when I found out you didn’t have to pay full price for things, I tried to get discounts everywhere.”

For example, if you join the Co-op membership scheme, customers will get 2p back for every £1 spent.

4. Sales and Offers

For beginners, Jordon said, “Keeping up to date with sales and offers will help you make the most of your coupons and the best bargains.”

At Christmas that means buying gifts for the relatives, which he won’t see in the Boxing Day sale until after December 25.

“It’s the perfect place to find gifts at a reduced price, which eases the strain a bit,” he said.

5. Cashback Apps

Cashback apps give you money back on purchases in supermarkets, restaurants and shops.

Jordon said he often uses the JamDoughnut app, which saves him 12 percent every time he dines out.

It can be used anywhere from Pizza Express and Costa to Curries and Asda.

6. Think outside the box

As crazy as it may sound, sometimes flying can be cheaper than taking a train.

While at university, Jordon managed to snag a flight home to Essex for between £44.07 and £7.72 cheaper than the train.

He even had enough for a currywurst lunch at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

He said: “I used all my couponing knowledge to find an alternative trip home and it was definitely a story to tell the kids.

“I don’t do this every time, but it was the cheapest way for me to get home and I was able to enjoy a ‘free’ getaway to a city I’ve always wanted to see.”

To get the best deals, Jordon said, it’s best to check two to four weeks before you travel.

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7. Abandon your shopping cart

Filling your online shopping cart on some fashion retail websites and then leaving without buying anything can save you money.

Jordon said it’s common to receive an email a short time later with a discount code or voucher.

Jordon said he never pays full price for anything


Jordon said he never pays full price for anythingCredit: Jordan Cox

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