I’m a doctor and that’s why women are colder than men

IT IS a scenario that many men are familiar with.

The sun is setting on a mild day and your companion complains that she is cold.

If your partner or girlfriend keeps complaining about being cold, there may be a scientific reason


If your partner or girlfriend keeps complaining about being cold, there may be a scientific reasonPhoto credit: Getty
dr Karan Rajan said women have a higher core body temperature than men


dr Karan Rajan said women have a higher core body temperature than menCredit: tiktok/drkaranr

While you might think they’re just moaning about temperature, there are scientific reasons why women are colder than men.

A doctor posted on TikTok, responding to a video in which a couple explained they couldn’t shower together due to a difference in preferred temperature.

dr Karan Rajan said there are some scientific reasons why women, on average, can be colder than men.

He explained: “Women have a slightly higher core body temperature than men and it seems this keeps some women warmer.

“But unfortunately, when someone is used to being warm, a cold place can always feel colder.

“This sensitivity to cold increases even more when someone is on hormonal birth control.”

dr Rajan added that women may also have colder extremities than men, including the hands, feet and earlobes.

“These can sit up to three degrees lower than in men.

“This could be partly due to estrogen, which thickens the blood and reduces blood flow to the capillaries that supply the extremities.”

He added that ovulation might be when sensitivity to the cold peaks due to high estrogen levels.

Finally, he said that another reason women might get colder than men is that, on average, women have a lower metabolic rate than men.

“That means women produce less heat,” he added.

That’s what researchers in Israel said previously Women evolved to feel cold because it keeps the sexes separate and prevents couples from clashing.

They found that the same trait is present in many bird and mammal species – with females preferring a cozy, warm den while males go to the pub in shorts.

dr Eran Levin of Tel Aviv University said: “Men and women experience temperature differently. This difference in heat perception did not come about to argue with our partners about air conditioning, but rather the opposite.

“From an evolutionary perspective, it’s meant to get a couple to distance themselves from each other so that each individual can enjoy some peace and quiet.

“Our study showed that the phenomenon is not unique to humans – in many bird and mammal species, females prefer warmer environments than males, and at certain times these preferences lead to a separation between the two sexes.”

He added that the phenomenon is linked to several other traits observed in animals and humans. For example, women are more likely to huddle together for warmth, while men keep more distance and avoid contact with each other.

In migratory bird species, males overwinter in colder areas than females, trying to avoid drafts.

And female bats tend to huddle in a cozy corner, while males prefer to “spread out” in an airy archway.

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In many mammals, even species that live in pairs or mixed groups throughout their lives, males prefer shade while females prefer sunlight, or males ascend to the tops of mountains while females roam the valleys stay.

The study, published in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography, added that male-female segregation reduces competition for resources in the environment and keeps out males who could be aggressive and endanger the babies.

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