I’m a doctor and these 4 signs in your urine could be a symptom of kidney problems

Keeping an eye on your pee can help identify problems with your kidneys.

Seeing things like blood in your urine automatically sets off alarm bells.

Bloody or frothy urine could be a sign of something amiss in your body


Bloody or frothy urine could be a sign of something amiss in your bodyCredit: Getty – Contributor

There are about four things that should raise concern if you see them in your pee.

It doesn’t mean there’s definitely a problem, but it might be something worth looking into.

Consultant urologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, Dr Richard Viney has outlined what these four are and what they mean.

Urine with blood

If you detect blood in your urine, you should be checked by a GP.

Usually it’s not anything serious, but it can be a sign of kidney or bladder cancer, among other problems.

It can also be an infection, kidney stone, or a harmless leak from the bladder area.

“When bleeding is accompanied by pain, the cause is usually an infection or a stone in the urinary tract,” says Dr.

“More worrying is when blood in the urine is accompanied by painless. In this case, we need to rule out bladder, prostate (in men) or kidney cancer.

“People who are on blood-thinning treatment have a higher risk of seeing blood in their urine but still need to be investigated by a doctor.”

If you don’t have any other symptoms and this is the first time it’s happened, contact your GP or call 111.

Cloudy urine

Healthy urine is usually clear or clear.

If your urine is cloudy, it could mean you have a urinary tract infection or possibly kidney stones.

Dr Viney explains: “When urine is cloudy, this could be due to debris.

“These debris can be caused by a shedding of the lining of the bladder, usually from an infection but can be caused by stones in the urinary tract.”

STIs can also cause cloudy urine, due to a milky discharge from the penis or vagina.

And it can also indicate prostate problems – as any swelling of the prostate gland can interfere with the flow of urine.

This then causes the blood or debris that has accumulated in the urine to get trapped and turn it cloudy.

It can also be caused by dehydration, with a lack of fluid making the urine look thicker and darker.

Urine smells

This is usually a sign of something other than ship shape – like Urine usually has a mild odor.

“There are many reasons why there could be a change in the smell of urine,” says Dr.

“First, the more concentrated the urine, the stronger the smell.

“The presence of certain bacteria in the urine will produce a characteristic unpleasant odor, which should alert an individual to potential trouble.”

It can be a sign of a urinary tract infection, as well as a biological product of some medications and supplements.

Certain foods and drinks can also make urine smell stronger, such as coffee or asparagus.

Sweet smelling pee could be a sign of type 2 diabetes, stronger smelling pee with abdominal pain and feeling nauseous could be a sign of kidney stones, yellow skin and eyes with abdominal pain and Strong-smelling urine can be a symptom of liver failure.

If you need to urinate more than usual, your urine may appear cloudy, smelly, and slightly painful when you urinate with your GP.

If you have a foul-smelling and bloody urine, you feel tired and in pain and you can call 111 or request an urgent GP appointment.

Effervescent urine

Now, this is probably something that you wouldn’t even happen to take note of.

But finding frothy or frothy urine is a sign that something may be wrong.

Dr Viney said: “Like all liquids, if flowing in a strong current, the agitation caused when it hits the surface will cause air to be mixed in causing bubbling, so a prolonged vapor with a strong current will cause some transient foam.

“If there’s already some cleaner in the toilet, the urine will foam on contact with it, and so don’t panic immediately if you see foam in your urine.

“If there is too much protein in the urine, this can also cause foaming and this is a problem.

“Protein shouldn’t get into the urine because the kidneys are designed to filter it out. If the kidneys aren’t working properly then protein is lost in the urine and this is a sign of kidney failure.

“Common cause of CKD including diabetes and high blood pressure.

“The loss of protein from the blood means water will move from the blood into the tissues causing edema (swelling) that will pool around the ankles and pelvis through gravity and make it difficult to breathe if fluid settles in the lungs. .

“If these are the symptoms you’re experiencing then you need to see a GP.”

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