I’m a flight attendant and here are the five biggest lies I tell passengers

CABIN cabin crew staff generally seem kind, polite and happy to help any passenger with questions.

However, a flight attendant has revealed that he and his colleagues always lie to passengers – and some of the deception is purely to silence us.

A flight attendant revealed that flight attendants always lie to passengers


A flight attendant revealed that flight attendants always lie to passengersCredit: Getty

Dan Air put it on the website Confessions of a Stroller Dolly to share the top five lies he tells passengers in flight.

1. “I’ll be back with more information as soon as I have some”

“There will be a time when there will never be,” he added.

Dan admits that he usually doesn’t return to passengers when new information becomes available, although he says he will.

He said, “If it’s a technical problem, do I look like a mechanic? Not in this outfit, honey.

“A weather related delay? Well, I’m no meteorologist and sadly can’t work miracles and make the fog disappear or the snow melt.”

He then warned passengers there wasn’t much point to asking flight attendants questions about the itinerary, as they are usually last known.

“To be fair, your overworked and underpaid team is always the last to know, so there’s really not much point to ask us,” he said.

2. “Don’t worry, our plane is completely safe”

While the plane is almost certainly completely safe, Dan admits the crew can’t say for sure that everything will go smoothly and without errors.

He joked that passengers should ignore the tape on the wings, the air conditioner and the broken seals around the doors.

He said: “Just ignore the duct tape on the wings, the overhead lockers are broken, the toilets are faulty, the sink in the front containment room keeps overflowing, the bad air conditioning units are up in the row. 31 and didn’t even get me started..the seal was broken around the door 2L.

“Please don’t worry when you find out that this plane is almost as old as the Cher and has done more miles than the space shuttle.

“Our engineers are handy with their toolboxes and can do wonders.”

3. “We Don’t Have Any Of Those”

Frequent flyers know how frustrating it can be when you enjoy the sound of a certain drink or snack, only to be told nothing more.

Well, prepare to be even more upset, as Dan reveals that flight attendants might just lie because they can’t be bothered to get you what you want.

He said: “First of all, that depends on what you’re asking me. We might still have it, but it will be on another cart or all the way back to the showroom locked. in a box.

“So unless you put me in a very good mood – which doesn’t happen very often – I’m not going to test you.

“Perhaps it’s best for you to choose something else.”

4. “This is completely normal”

Passengers will be very worried if they hear a noise and ask the flight attendant what it is, they will only say that they have never heard it.

That’s why they put on a smile and tell you everything is fine.

Dan revealed that flight attendants often lie to passengers to keep them calm and under the illusion that everything is going according to plan.

“If it’s a strange noise, we’ve probably never heard it before. If it’s a funny smell, we’ve probably never smelled it. And if it’s real,” he said. It’s bad turbulence, it’s probably the worst we’ve ever experienced.”

“But no matter how scared we were, our perfect, pearly white smile never wavered.”

5. “I’m Sorry”

To any passengers out there who have received an apology from a flight attendant – they probably didn’t mean it.

Dan admits that a lot of times, flight attendants apologize for things that are completely out of their control, purely because it makes passengers feel better.

He said: “The truth of the matter is, whatever we apologize for, it may not be our fault. So why should we apologize for that in the first place?

“But we do when it gets you down. It makes you think you’ve won and makes our lives a little easier.”

Dan isn’t the only flight attendant upset with passengers on a flight.

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These are Things flight attendants really wish you would stop doing – from delivering trash to poking fun at them for attention.

And another flight attendant revealed the one thing passengers are never supposed to ask them when boarding.

A lot of the lies are purely meant to silence passengers so that flight attendants can get their jobs done in peace.


A lot of the lies are all about keeping passengers quiet so the flight attendants can get their jobs done in peaceCredit: Getty
I’m a flight attendant and here are the four most annoying questions passengers ask me all the time

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