I’m a hairdresser and here are the styles that make you age instantly and the ones you should avoid

New year, new you… that’s the phrase we often hear after Big Ben opens at midnight and, for some, it often means taking a leap in style and arriving your local salon to try.

But it’s important to know what you’re asking for as some styles can age instantly.

Hairdressers know exactly which haircuts will age their clients


Hairdressers know exactly which haircuts will age their clientsCredit: Getty

Faye Riley, Lead Stylist at Doll Beauty HQ, has revealed the top hairstyles and haircuts that can make you age in no time.

“Like makeup and clothing, trends come and go,” she says. It’s hard to have an on-trend and fresh look while still reaching for the hair mousse you’ve been using since the 80s.

“With our hair, it can give the power to change, try something new, and let go of old styles.”

She explains that some people feel they need to try drastic changes to look younger, but while they should seek inspiration, it’s important that they consult a stylist.

Faye adds: “Look for red carpet inspiration and trends but if you’ve never worn makeup and need low maintenance then a blunt fridge won’t be the best for you.

“It’s important that you share the inspirational photos you’ve seen and consult your stylist when consulting with you.

“A very important hair consolation – it is a time to get clear and discuss the desired look and color. Customers have come to you for your expert opinion, so it’s important that you be honest.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it – try to shift the story into trends and styles that you think will please your customers and list the benefits.”

She continues to reveal hairstyles that are somewhat aged.


Stylist Faye explains that hairdos with lots of feathers can age.

She describes the soft bouncy curl as the biggest hairstyle of the ’70s and likens it to Farrah Fawcett’s hairstyle.

“Unfortunately, some people have not been able to let go of this hairstyle,” she said.

“When you go on with a style that defines its time, go back to when, then this can be seen as you are getting old.”


Don't try to dye your hair many colors to cover up the gray


Don’t try to dye your hair many colors to cover up the grayCredit: Alamy

Faye also points out that if a client dyes their hair too much to cover up the gray, it can age. Experts explain it can have the opposite effect, especially with root regrowth.

She advises that when coloring your hair, people should choose up to two shades lighter or darker than your natural color.

“Caramel blondes can look youthful,” she says, “but lighter shades of gray and silver can make you look older.”


Hairstylist Faye explains that long hair that doesn’t have many layers can be aging because as hair grows longer, the ends of the hair get thinner.

She describes that this combined with not having a face, means hair can look floppy and less voluminous, which can make you look instantly older.


Hairstylists also list short inward curls that can make you look older.

She says: “The pixie cut usually has short hair that stands up and is swept back, although maintenance-wise it doesn’t require a lot of styling – it can age anyone when it’s styled. culture called ‘can I talk to the manager?’ cut.”


Blunt Bobs do very little to create a youthful look


Blunt Bobs do very little to create a youthful lookCredit: Alamy

Faye revealed: “Blunt cuts and short bobs are rough and sharp cuts that don’t create a youthful look.

She explains that these hairstyles draw attention to the jawline – the part of the face that can be affected by age.


Another way your hair can instantly age is if you try a light color at home, explains Faye.

“Stay away from DIY dyes and bright, unnatural box colors,” she says. As women age, their hair can become more fragile and drier due to hormonal changes.

“When approaching lighter or pastel colors, a spotlight is placed on the hair first and this can cause hair loss.

“It always makes sense to speak with our colorist to discuss your options first.”

Do not try bright dye jobs at home


Do not try bright dye jobs at homeCredit: Getty – Contributor

Instead, Faye revealed that there are a number of hairstyles that people can request that suit most faces and can make them look younger – instead of older.

If a client wants to look younger, Faye advises that soft blends that frame the face will be flatter than thick layers.

She explains that these are especially effective for women with thinning hair because it creates movement and the illusion of volume.


Faye revealed that this hairstyle is beautiful no matter how old you are, it is easy to style and looks good, messy and wavy.

“Plus, it’s still long enough to tuck into a low bun,” she said.

“It’s also a great style to consider when you want to try something shorter, but don’t want to commit immediately to anything too drastic.”

Cross Waves

Wave cladding will always bring a modern and natural feeling


Wave cladding will always bring a modern and natural feelingCredit: Getty – Contributor

Faye also explains that you don’t have to change too much to see a big difference and that wavy hair will always feel modern and natural.

You can simply divide your hair into 1-inch sections and, using a wand or curling iron, begin to wrap your hair about at least 2 inches down from the roots to give it a slight curl.


Faye added: “The sleek and straight clip is very modern and sophisticated.

“Always remember to use heat protectant spray when straightening hair and apply a small amount of conditioner to condition dry hair.”

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