I’m a parking expert and here are my top eight tips to avoid parking fines

Getting a parking fine through the door is enough to put any car driver in a bad mood.

Drivers will sometimes make a mistake because they’re fined for something they don’t even realize is an infraction.

Don't get a parking fine


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Parking fines can take many different forms.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are commonly given by local councils and police for parking offenses in UK car parks and on roads.

Don’t get them confused with the Parking Charge Notice, also abbreviated as PCN.

These are usually given for parking violations on private land.

The final form of parking fine is the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Motorists can get an FPN from the police, local council or Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

They can all be different in some ways but if you receive an error it still means you have committed a parking violation.

Jo Wade, marketing director of Parkingeye, gives us eight top tips to help motorists avoid any dreaded parking fines.

Check parking type

There are many different car parking companies operating in the UK.

Each place will have its own rules so be sure to check them when parking.

“Most parking lots, whether local or private, are now managed and operated with parking restrictions,” says Jo.

“Therefore, it is safer to assume that a parking lot is managed and look for signs, than to assume that it is not a parking lot, and to find out about it at a later date upon receipt. Parking Fee Notice (PCN).”

It’s also best to watch out for any possible violations in the free parking lots.

Many places will have maximum stay limits and will not allow people to park for certain periods of time, such as overnight.

Look for signs

Is not all parking signs are the same, so make sure you’re reading them before you park.

Just because you were able to park in a spot before doesn’t necessarily mean the sign hasn’t changed and you may now be fined for parking there.

“Read the signs carefully and make sure you understand them well before leaving the parking lot for your destination.

“This way you can know when to return to your car or how much you will have to pay,” says Jo.

Check how you pay for your parking ticket

Parking lots now allow you to use a variety of ways to pay for parking.

Some will do so through a machine, others through a contact or app, while others can pay online.

“If you are asked to pay, check whether you pay on entry or exit or need to show a ticket,” says Jo.

“If you can’t pay, leave the parking lot quickly.”

Be wary of where you’re parking

Some parking lots or parking spots may be for authorized vehicles only.

Loading bays, for example, can only be used for cargo handling.

While some signs may allow parking at these spots on certain days or times, it’s best to leave them clear in case it’s necessary for your purposes.

“Don’t park in private areas or in parking lots reserved for authorized vehicles,” says Jo.

“And especially don’t park dangerously or where pedestrians could be in danger.”

Check the space type

Parking in a Parents and toddlers There are no children, but parking companies can still fine you if they believe you are using it improperly.

The same goes for disabled parking.

Park in one of these spots without a blue badge and you could also be fined.

“Don’t park in specialized bays like disabled or parent & toddler unless you are eligible to do so,” says Jo.

Don’t skip a parking ticket

It is important that you do not ignore the PCN, even if you feel you did nothing wrong.

If you pass up a parking ticket from a private parking company, they may pass your details on to redistributive claim fine.

This can also mean that the amount you pay will increase.

If you feel a parking fine is unfair or wrong, always appeal – never ignore it.

“PCNs are only issued when parking restrictions are broken,” says Jo.

“The operator is not aware of any individual or extenuating circumstances that have caused this.

“Therefore, if you believe that there are circumstances beyond your control that cause you to breach the limits, you should file a complaint and bring them to the notice of the operator.

“Don’t ignore PCN.”

Keep your tickets safe

If you need to claim a ticket, the more evidence you have to support your claim.

A common parking mistake people make is entering incorrectly or failing to register when paying for a parking ticket.

Jo says: “If given a receipt, keep it for a while in case you make a mistake or forget to enter your registration.

“It will support your appeal if you are granted a PCN.”

If you want to keep it somewhere safe in your car, put it in the glove box so you don’t risk dropping it accidentally.

Stay up to date with all license details

It is important that you keep all your details up to date with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

The DVLA needs your correct information in case it needs to contact you.

This could include sending parking fines or important documents, such as tax reminders or log books.

There is no exact address on file can see you are fined £1,000.

Jo says: “Update the address on your driver’s license and vehicle log book (V5C) – it is against the law to do so.

“This can also lead to you receiving a PCN caused by your vehicle’s new owner or a new owner receiving your PCN, and the situation escalates without your knowledge.”

Elsewhere, this is four parking ticket holes to help combat any unwanted parking tickets.

In addition, the driver is being fined for Parking at the supermarket when they close.

Explanation of warning lights and indicator lights on car dashboards

https://www.thesun.ie/motors/8256011/parking-expert-avoid-parking-fines/ I’m a parking expert and here are my top eight tips to avoid parking fines

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