I’m a pro FIFA coach – here are the BEST tips on attacking and defending in FIFA 23

WE spoke to NealGuides, a professional FIFA coach who has almost as many FIFA 23 tips on his YouTube channel as subscribers.

The content creator has been around for years, teaching people how to dominate the game.

Man City enter the stadium in FIFA 23.


Man City enter the stadium in FIFA 23.

Now NealGuides is here to give us five attacking tips and five defending tips for FIFA 23.

Attack Tips

low shots

FIFA 23 features new button configurations, including how you shoot a low driven or low shot.

In this iteration, apply less than 40% power on a shot with your attacker and you’ll shoot a powerful low shot.

These types of flat shots are perfect for 1v1 situations and when shooting over the goal.

Dsplit ground passes

When in possession, the best way to transition from defense to offense for a quick counterattack is to use Driven Ground Pass – hold R1 + X [PS5] or RB+A [XBOX].

These are like normal ground passes, but have much more power and therefore reach the attackers faster. Perfect for an explosive break!

Explosive fake shots

A new skill move is the Explosive Fake Shot.

It’s easy to do by pressing Circle and then X [PS5] or B then A [XBOX] and then move your left analog stick to a 90 degree angle to exit.

The Fake Shot gives you an explosive burst of speed to beat an opponent, especially inside the box.

The only downside is that the player performing this skill move must have acceleration and sprint speed stats above 85 and 4 star skill moves, so only certain players like Mbappé can perform the Explosive Fake Shot.

power shots

There is a new shooting mechanic called Power Shot.

This can be done by holding L1 + R1 + Circle [PS5] or LB + RB + B [XBOX] and point your left analog stick at the target.

Your aim is manual and it may take some time to get used to, but this feature adds power and accuracy to your shot. Perfect for those out-the-box long shots.

Don’t always sprint

A common mistake among many players, even those in the elite division, is that they tend to sprint too much while in possession.

This causes you to lose the ball due to heavy touches and causes delays in actions like passing.

My top tip is, once you’re in the opponent’s half, don’t use the sprint button as much and take a touch away from your opponent. This will prevent you from losing the ball.

defensive tips

Pace yourself

Unlike real life, speed is the best defense in FIFA 23.

Since most players – especially if you’re playing Ultimate Team – choose attackers whose speed values ​​are quite high, it’s very easy for them to break when counterattacking.

I would sometimes advise going for a slightly lower rated player with better pace than a defender with good defense stats but 60 pace.

Think ahead

When the opponent has the ball and plays a ball through or over the top, defenders tend to run to where the ball is.

The key is to run where the ball is going benot where the ball is, forcing your opponent to slow down and buy time for your defensive line to catch up.

Use your goalie

When defending in 1v1 situations, you can also move your goalkeeper.

Hold down the right analog stick and move it to one side to move your goalie.

A step to the side is usually enough, but guessing the shot correctly can salvage a clear scoring opportunity.

Adaptive player switching

One problem that players of all skill levels struggle with is switching players while defending.

There’s a new Adaptive Right Stick Switching feature that can be found in the controller settings.

While defending, hold the right analog stick in one direction longer to switch to a distant player.

This is now my favorite player switch setting!

Partly team press

Partial Team Press is a new defensive feature that sends two additional defenders to accurately mark your opponent’s passing option.

Double tap and hold R1 [PS5] or RB [XBOX] to activate Partial Team Press – perfect when you want to apply pressure and eliminate your opponent’s passing opportunities.

you can check Neal Guides on YouTube or follow on twitter for more tips.

Written by Kirk McKeand and NealGuides on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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