I’m a sleep expert, so spring cleaning your bedroom is key to a good night’s sleep

SPRING has arrived and it is the season associated with fresh mornings and fresh beginnings.

But that won’t be the case for everyone, as many people wake up with bleary eyes and tired.

One expert says your lack of sleep could be due to how clean your bedroom is


One expert says your lack of sleep could be due to how clean your bedroom isPhoto credit: Getty

In the last seven days alone, Google searches for “why can’t I sleep” have increased by 100 percent, Google trends show data.

At the same time, searches for “sleep deprivation” have also increased by over 500 percent.

If you’re one of those people looking for answers as to why you’re not sleeping, one expert says it could actually be because of how clean your bedroom is.

Alison Jones, sleep expert at Sealy explained that spring cleaning your home could help you sleep better.

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She explained that the first thing you can do is do it declutter Your bedroom and this can help you feel calm, organized and comfortable in your home.

In particular, Alison said that you should make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy.

This is because a tidy room, she said, is a great way to help yourself reduce stress and relax faster, which leads to a better sleep.

She said: “A cluttered and cluttered bedroom can trigger feelings of stress, so start simple and clear unnecessary clutter from your surfaces like your bedside table, vanities and opt for a more minimalist approach.

“Consider donating some of your less-used clothes to a local charity shop to make room and space for just the clothes you love to wear and are most comfortable in.

“It’s also important to see your bedroom as just that, a place to sleep and relax after a busy day.

“Nowadays the lines can seem blurred when we eat, watch TV and in some cases even work in our bedrooms – try to keep your bedroom just for sleeping whenever possible as this will help your mind to associate the space with rest.”


As the temperature begins to rise as spring transitions into summer, allowing air into your bedroom is crucial, Alison said.

“Fresh air not only improves brain function and strengthens the immune system, clean air has also been shown to help people with insomnia and other sleep problems get a better night’s sleep.

“Air your bed for at least an hour a day to rid it of moisture that has built up overnight.

“When you air your bed, pull the sheets back as far as possible, exposing both the mattress and duvet, and open the bedroom windows.

“The optimal time is around 1-2 hours, but anything over 20 minutes is beneficial, so try airing your bed while you get ready in the morning,” she added.


Alison says a lighter color palette in your room could help create a relaxing environment conducive to sleep.

She explained: “Repainting your bedroom walls a lighter color will not only feel like a positive change, it can also make rooms appear larger.

“Neutral, muted tones like taupe, grey, beige and white work best to create a relaxing and sleep-inducing atmosphere.

“Adding pops of color to your walls with interesting decor can be a great way to increase your happiness and feel positive, which in turn can make you feel more comfortable when you fall asleep and also be more productive when you wake up.”


One of the easiest ways to ensure a good night’s sleep, according to Alison, is to make sure your mattress is comfortable.

“If you’ve noticed that your mattress isn’t supporting you like it used to, then it might be worth upgrading yours this spring.

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“Spring is the perfect time to refresh your sleeping environment, especially your mattress, as sleeping on an old mattress can hugely affect your sleep quality and even cause issues like muscle pain,” she added.

She added that when shopping for a mattress, you should look for options that are supportive and comfortable.

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