‘I’m a soldier and a beauty queen – trolls say I shouldn’t be allowed into the army’

A soldier who also participated in beauty pageants hit back at those who said lip fillers made her a “national security threat”, calling such people “cowards”.

Georgie Goodey
Georgie is a soldier and a beauty

A soldier and beauty contest The winner applauded those who thought her lip fillers were too big to “danger the whole platoon”.

Georgie Goodey, from Billericay, Essex, won the Miss Essex beauty pageant in 2019 and went on to hold the title for three years. Now she hopes to be crowned Miss England later this year.

Unfortunately, 27-year-old Georgie claims that, for every complimenting comment she receives online, she faces 10 criticisms about her appearance – with nasty strangers mocking her Botox. she and lip fillers.

Some have even gone as far as to suggest that her lip fillers should be classified as a “national security threat”, joking that they make her “more visible to the enemy”.

Trolls say her lip fillers should be classed as a ‘national security threat’


Kennedy News and Media)

Georgie is Miss Essex since 2019


Kennedy News and Media)

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Refusing to let the cruel comments put her down, Georgie says such comments have taught her resilience and now hit back at those “hiding behind pseudonyms and fake resumes”.

Georgie said: “The biggest thing I’ve had is the backlash against any work I’ve done. I think for every one positive comment there are 10 negatives.

“Most of the time they come from people I don’t know, a lot of people don’t live in the UK and I imagine they have nothing better to do with their time.

“I’ve made some really pretty terrible comments about how I ruined my own face, that my dog ​​is more attractive than I am, and that I shouldn’t have enlisted because of the work I did on the mold. his face.

She believes trolls “have nothing better to do with their time”


Kennedy News and Media)

Some comments have even put her personal safety in jeapordy


Kennedy News and Media)

She continued: “I saw a comment that the enemy will see my lips before they see me, so I will mark the entire British army before the enemy for the work I have done with my face. .

“They suggested that I let the enemy see better because my lips were too big. They would see my lips before they could see the rest of the platoon and I placed all the others. in his platoon in a state of threat. It’s ridiculous.”

Georgie tries to rationalize the trolls’ meaningful behavior by reminding herself that “most of the people who make those comments don’t choose to put themselves out there”, adding: “I made it. a more conscious decision to place myself in a public space where I will be judged on how I look and behave”.

She continued: “What a coward. I haven’t had anyone come up to me on the street and tell me they don’t like the way I look or don’t think I should do my job. If everyone people hide behind pseudonyms or lies. online profile, I think it says more about their personality than about me”.

The beauty queen has previously had to contend with those who said she couldn’t compete because she was “doing too much”. She also claimed to have been threatened with personal safety after a traveller revealed about the military unit she was serving.

“Some of the comments are more personal,” she explains. “There were comments on it specifically about the military unit I was with at the time. I’m very careful with my personal security so not only did I get a backlash, but I felt it too. it’s really unfair that someone can compromise my security because they want to be upset.

“A lot of the backlash I’ve had is not just superficial, it’s against me entering beauty pageants and against me even doing my duty as a soldier. It’s hard not to. To see that personally, it’s hurtful.”

She added: “I have worked with many therapists over the past few years – both in the military and in the private sector. My current sponsor for Miss England is also a psychotherapist and therapist. for a lot of women with body disorders or eating disorders.

“It took a lot of time to learn to accept myself and not only be comfortable with myself but with other people who were challenging that. I felt insecure and worried that I might be thin or pretty. nicer, but I think that’s really normal. It recognizes that it’s okay to feel that way and it doesn’t detract from you as a person.”

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