I’m an expert driver and here are six things you need to do before bad weather hits

Many drivers plunge into inclement weather without making sure their vehicle is in good working order – often with costly consequences.

Adverse weather conditions, especially snow and ice, can be dangerous to drive in and motorists are being asked to check their vehicles before departing.

Drivers need to be very careful with car care, especially in cold weather


Drivers need to be very careful with car care, especially in cold weatherCredit: By Miles

James Blackham, founder of By Miles, warns drivers to stay safe and be careful on the road when temperatures drop.

A simple check can be the difference between a smooth ride and a breakdown or even a fine.

Here are six things to check in your car before driving in the winter:


Cars may be smart in alerting drivers when fuel is running low, but that doesn’t always mean there’s always enough in the tank to take you to your destination.

Many motorists are also switching to electric cars, and it’s important that you charge them, especially if there’s no local charging point and you can’t do it at home.

“Try to avoid getting your fuel or charge gauges too low,” says James.

“In winter conditions it’s not always possible to get to the gas station or charging point in time, so always keep both above half full.”


It’s not just unsafe driving in the dark or fog conditions without lights, but it is also possible risk of being penalized.

“Your lights will help maintain visibility for both you and other road users,” says James.

Before hitting the road, double check that both the main headlights and fog lights are working.

“Make sure your lights are working properly and clean for maximum efficiency.” James said.

But be careful about leave your entire beam behind when not needed – they can dazzle other drivers and cause an accident or get you fined.

Windshield washer

Illegal drive a car without windshield washer or screen cleaner.

Failing to clean a windshield, especially if it is dirty and prevents you from seeing the road properly, poses a danger to you and everyone on the road.

Regularly refill your screen cleaning paper.

If you’re having trouble seeing how much you have left, just add more until it reaches the top.

“Filling your washing machine is essential and a legal requirement.” James said.

“Make sure the antifreeze level in the liquid is high enough, for obvious reasons.”

Wiper Blades

To go with the screen cleaning paper, wiper blades are required top conditions to work.

“Active wipers are your friend when you face the elements.” James said.

Before driving, make sure there’s no dirt trapped underneath the wipers, you don’t want that to cover your screen.

“If they leave stains on your windshield in regular conditions, check them for splits or wear patches,” says James.

It is the best Do not use wiper blades when trying to escape any ice off your windshield.

Squeezing the wiper blades on ice makes them more likely to split in the rubber or even break completely.

Liquid level

Keep tabs on all liquids in your car can be a headache but it is necessary to make sure your car runs smoothly.

“Engine and radiator oil levels are simple to check on most cars, but can be a nuisance if you’re traveling a long way from home and they run out.” James said.

To check engine oil, open the bonnet of your car and look for the dipstick.

If you’re not sure where this is in your car, see the owner’s manual for help.

Once you have located the oil dipstick, wipe it and you will see two marks on it, indicating the minimum and maximum oil level.

Place the dipstick back in the oil hose and pull it out a few seconds later to see what your car’s oil level is.

If it’s halfway full, you should refill it.


Motorists tend to buy their car and then completely forget about maintenance of tyres.

The UK doesn’t tend to suffer a lot of blizzards, so motorists don’t usually have winter tyres, but if you’re in a colder, inclement area they are well worth owning.

If you can’t change your tires for the winter, make sure they still have enough grip.

“Good tire grip is essential to ensuring you can grip the road in icy or snowy conditions,” says David.

“We recommend that you do not keep the tread below 3mm for your own safety.”

Driving with bald tires Not only is it unsafe, it can land you a fine of up to £10,000 if all four fail to meet the requirements.

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