I’m an expert on etiquette – you send WhatsApp voice notes all wrong

The way you send voice memos on WhatsApp may be completely wrong.

According to an etiquette expert, sending a WhatsApp voice memo longer than two minutes is way too long.

There are tons of WhatsApp voice memo tricks you should learn


There are tons of WhatsApp voice memo tricks you should learnCredit: WhatsApp

As part of a series of tips for sending the perfect voice message, British manners expert Jo Bryant warns users against “recording a podcast” and keeping it snappy instead.

“While everyone has different opinions about the ideal length of a voice message, try to limit it to 1 or 2 minutes,” she says.

“If it’s too long to type but too short to call, you’ve found the sweet spot for voice messaging.”

However, if you’re on the receiver end of a super-long voice memo, Bryant recommends playing it back at 1.5x or 2x speed so you can listen to it faster.

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“It’s neither fun nor practical to receive long rambles that can take ten minutes to listen to, or to play a message out loud from a parent on public transport,” she adds.

“And what about the politics of answering? Do you need to adjust the length of the voice memo you receive when you reply?”

To help you navigate voice message etiquette, Bryant shared some other top tips for navigating WhatsApp like a pro with voice notes, since “we can forget the importance of etiquette in digital situations.”

Another trick she recommends trying is to avoid sending such a long message by trying to interrupt it.

“If you really can’t shorten your message, you should break it up into shorter ones and send them separately,” says Bryant.

This means your recipient can choose to listen in one sitting or fit into their schedule.

Bryant adds that you should also be mindful of how many questions you ask in a single voice memo so your recipient doesn’t forget half of them when trying to answer.

And if you get a voice message, try to send one back right away.

“A two-way talk is much better than a one-way rant,” she adds.

Voice memo upgrade

A new addition to WhatsApp is the ability to pause voice memo recording.

It launched on the app earlier this year and is proving to be very popular.

First, make sure you have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp.

You can do this from the Apple App Store on iPhone or the Google Play Store on Android.

Then close and restart WhatsApp to ensure you are using the latest version.

Open a chat now – whether it’s a one-on-one or group conversation.

Tap and hold the voice recorder, then swipe up to lock it in “hands-free” mode.

Now you will see a pause icon appear at the bottom center of the screen.

You can tap it to pause recording.

It’s even possible to exit the conversation and the app while the recording remains paused.

And then you can come back to it later and continue.

This is great when you’re recording a long message but get interrupted or need more information.

Or maybe you just forgot what you were going to say and need some time to remember it.

Either way, it’s very easy to stop and come back to it – and the recipient won’t notice the difference.

The app does not indicate to the chat when a recording has been paused.

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WhatsApp also recently changed the app so that you can listen to voice notes outside of a chat.

So when you start playing a voice message, you can switch to another chat without the playback stopping.

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