I’m Carrie Underwood’s PT and here’s how her secrets can boost your weight loss too

CARRIE Underwood’s killer body is no accident — she works seriously hard with trainer Eve Overland.

The American singer-songwriter, 39, is known for her infectious voice and as the world’s leading country artist.

Carrie Underwood caused a stir at the 57th Academy Of Country Music Awards (ACM) on March 7th in Las Vegas where she won her 16th ACM award


Carrie Underwood caused a stir at the 57th Academy Of Country Music Awards (ACM) on March 7th in Las Vegas where she won her 16th ACM awardPhoto credit: The Mega Agency
Carrie's trainer Eve Overland said:


Carrie’s trainer, Eve Overland, said, “I get so excited when people notice how sculpted and how strong their arms are.”Photo credit: Getty Images – Getty

Carrie added another trophy to her collection at this month’s Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards on March 7, showing off her incredible figure on the red carpet.

She wore a tiny mini dress and held her gong for single of the year. Carrie’s seriously toned arms and endlessly long and carved legs drew all eyes to her.

Carrie’s trainer, Eve, says the star “loves to push her body.”

she said shape that the pair are working on what they call “vanity muscles” — “muscle groups that pop and stand out when she performs on stage or on the red carpet,” like shoulders and biceps.

Eve also revealed that Carrie does weight training to build strength and is working on her mobility.

After working together for over a decade, Eve has created the best workout routine for Carrie’s sculpted upper body.

Eve said: “Carrie has always been celebrated for her remarkable legs.

“But as their coach (and friend) I get so excited when people notice how sculpted and how strong their arms are. She’s the complete package.”

To the delight of fans, Eve has shared Carrie’s signature workout when she focuses on the upper body.

It consists of supersets – two consecutive exercises targeting the same muscle group to induce fatigue, with rest periods in between. Trisets use the same method but three exercises.

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Carrie, a mother of two who just released her new single “Ghost Story,” performs two or three rounds of each superset or triset.

If you’re new to training, Eve said, use light weights and decrease the number of reps or sets.

It’s always better to perform exercises safely so you can focus on form and avoid injury.

Carrie has also vegetarian for years and says she always eats “real food,” including lots of fruits and vegetables.

It’s healthy eating and a determination to squeeze workouts into a hectic schedule (and a home gym helps with that!) that has allowed Carrie to stay in shape.

Carrie’s upper body workout

Shape magazine describes Carrie’s upper body workout from her trainer Eve as follows:

triset 1

Perform each exercise for the specified number of reps — pull-ups, followed by bent-over rows with dumbbell rear grips, then renegade rows — with rest between exercises. Do three rounds.

pulling up

A. Stand directly under a pull-up bar.

B. Reach your arms overhead and grip the bar with an overhand grip so your hands are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your palms are facing away from your body. Focusing on the breath, draw your belly button toward your spine to engage your core, and keep your shoulders back and down.

C. Pull your elbows down and back, and use your arms to lift your feet off the floor. Keep pulling your torso up until your chin is over the bar.

D. Avoid swinging or swaying the body, and keep the shoulder blades back and down; lower with control.

REPS: 5 reps, rest 30 seconds.

Reverse-grip bent-over row with dumbbells

A. With knees bent and back straight (but not arched), hold a dumbbell in each hand with an undergrip (palms up).

B. Raise the dumbbells at a 45-degree angle while keeping your elbows firmly at your side. Pause at the top to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

C. Lower the dumbbells to a 45 degree angle while maintaining control.

REPS: 10-12 reps, rest 30 seconds.

Renegade Row

A. In the push-up position with dumbbells in both hands.

B. Engage your core and torso and lift your left elbow straight toward the ceiling while pulling the dumbbell up beside your torso.

C. Slowly lower to starting position (avoid slamming the weight on the floor). Repeat on the opposite side to complete one rep.

REPS: 10 reps (right and left is one rep), rest 60 seconds.

Triset 2

Perform each exercise for the specified number of repetitions — alternating floor presses, push-ups with shoulder taps, then bench dips — with rest between exercises. Do three rounds.

Alternating soil press

A. Lie flat on your back with dumbbells on either side of your body.

B. Grab dumbbells with your palms facing your body. Lift both dumbbells straight up across your chest and twist your wrist so your palms are now facing forward.

C. Keeping one dumbbell raised and slowly lowering the other dumbbell, twist your wrist so your palm is facing your body and your elbow is just off the floor.

D. Again, raise the dumbbell across your chest and rotate your wrist so your palm is facing forward. Alternate and repeat on the other side.

REPS: 10-12 reps (right and left is one rep), rest 30 seconds.

Push-up with shoulder taps

A. In a high plank position with wrists under shoulders and feet hip-width apart, engage abs and bend elbows to slowly lower chest toward floor. (Elbows should point behind the body.)

B. Once your chest touches the floor, push yourself back to the starting position.

C. Tap the opposite shoulder with each hand before lowering yourself back to the floor in another push-up.

REPS: Do as many reps as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.

bank dip

A. Start in an upright sitting position on a bench with your hands next to your thighs. Step your feet outward about 6 inches and straighten your legs, keeping your butt off the bench and your arms straight.

B. Bend your elbows and lower body until your arms form a 90-degree angle.

C. Push up through palms to return to bench height.

Do as many reps as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 60 seconds.

Triset 3

Perform each exercise for the specified number of reps — dumbbell push press, dumbbell shoulder-to-shoulder press, then dive bombers — with rest between exercises. Do three rounds.

Dumbbell Push Press

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees weak, and core tight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height, just outside your shoulders, with your palms facing forward and your elbows down.

B. Simultaneously lower yourself into a squat and raise both dumbbells straight up, keeping your feet planted firmly on the floor.

C. Press through your feet to get back up while lowering the weights to shoulder height. This is a repeat. (Also see: 10 Ways to Do Weighted Squats)

REPS: 10-12 reps, rest 30 seconds.

Dumbbell shoulder-to-shoulder press

A. Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, hold a single dumbbell in both hands and place on one shoulder with elbows pointing down.

B. Extend your arms and press the dumbbell up and over your head.

C. Bend your elbows and slowly lower the weight onto the opposite shoulder.

REPS: 10-12 reps, rest 10 seconds.


A. Start on all fours with knees under hips, feet hip-width apart, and hands shoulder-width apart.

B. Bend hips so body forms an inverted V, keep back flat, shoulders down and toes flexed. Knees should remain unlocked.

C. Keeping legs straight, hips lowered, and arms bent so that chest almost brushes the floor as it slides between hands.

D. Bend backwards and straighten your arms so your face is facing forward and your hips are just off the floor. Reverse direction and push hips back up into an inverted V.

REPS: 10 reps, rest 60 seconds.

Triset 4

Perform each exercise for the specified number of reps—overhead tricep extension, resistance band wide bicep curl, and dumbbell uppercut—with rest between exercises. Do two rounds.

Extension of the triceps overhead

A. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the dumbbells in front of you at chest height.

B. Raise the dumbbells overhead until your arms are straight.

C. Slowly lower the weights behind your head, parallel to the floor, without moving your upper arms or extending your elbows.

REPS: 12 reps, rest 10 seconds.

Wide bicep curl with resistance band

A. Place feet shoulder-width apart in the center of a resistance band. Hold the ends of the band in both hands at about waist height; Make sure your thumbs are pointing outwards.

B. With hands shoulder-width apart, curl up and keep your elbows close to your side while resisting the pull of the band.

C. Lower your arms to the starting position. This is a repeat.

Do 12 reps, rest 60 seconds.

Dumbbell uppercut

A. Hold two dumbbells at shoulder height with an underhand grip and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

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B. Use a “fighting stance”, slap up with one arm and rotate on the same foot. Make sure that both the core and the upper and lower body snap into place.

C. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side.

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) 30 seconds, rest 60 seconds.

Carrie (right) and her trainer Eve (left)


Carrie (right) and her trainer Eve (left)Photo credit: Instagram
carrie "loves to squeeze her body"


Carrie ‘loves to push her body’Photo credit: Instagram

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