‘I’m not a Putin puppet’ – Irish MEP Clare Daly claims she has been ‘impishly misrepresented’

MEP Clare Daly claims that she and her colleague Mick Wallace, her independent MEP, have been unfairly portrayed by the “establishment media” for their stance on the war in Ukraine and other issues in the bloc.

climax too The Indo Daily Newspaper, Ms Daly said she was never a “Putin puppet” and had said from the start that Russia was to blame for the war.

Ukraine’s intelligence service recently put former Dublin TD Ms Daly on a list of 72 public figures who they say are “promoting narratives consistent with Russian propaganda”.

While Ms Daly said she “strongly condemned Russia for starting this war,” she also argued that what she calls “the role of the US and NATO” in the conflict “cannot be ignored.”

And she reiterated her stance that sanctions are the wrong way to go.

“I’ve been an anti-war activist all my life, but what I’ve said is that sanctions don’t help and that arming, the use of weapons in a conflict, doesn’t protect people but prolongs the war; which means more of them will be killed.

“I sadly think I have been confirmed in this position because we are seeing more weapons being introduced, more sanctions being imposed and the result of which is more and more Ukrainians dying and being displaced. That’s the last thing I want to see,” she said.

“Some of our positions were spun mischievously by some political opponents, but also deliberately, I think, by parts of the mainstream media.

“To turn them into something else, if you will, my opposition to sanctions is kind of ‘oh, I’m soft on Russia and I don’t want Russia to be harmed or anything,’ there’s no such thing.

“I’m against sanctions because they don’t work, because they punish normal people. I mean look at the impact of the sanctions, Russia is making more money than ever. It can’t spend the money because of the sanctions, but it’s sitting on billions and billions and billions.

“We’ve been accused of being Putin puppets and all that, but nobody has ever been able to utter a single word anywhere to show that I support Putin. He is a right wing neoliberal nationalist and I have nothing to do with them now and ever.”

Ms Daly said she knew there were people who didn’t support her views, who “wouldn’t” vote again and that she had received some “nasty” emails recently, but “also” she said she get a lot of emails from supporters .

She also denied ever declaring that Ukraine would be allowed to join the EU, but said the idea of ​​quickly pursuing the country’s membership was unfeasible.

She further argued that questions about “corrupt” practices in Ukraine needed to be answered.

“I never said that at all, it’s up to the people of Ukraine alone whether they want to join the European Union or not.

“What we said was that this idea of ​​speeding up Ukraine’s membership is not going to happen, it’s a pipe dream, it’s nonsense and everyone knows it,” she said.

“Again, we should be careful because the European Court of Auditors’ panel said it couldn’t explain the billions that have flowed into Ukraine because of the level of corruption in that society and so on, European taxpayers’ money there.” are not properly accounted for.”

Referring to the inclusion on Ukraine’s safety watch list, she called the move “sinister” and said it was undemocratic.

“Because the hallmark of democratic society is the right to disagree, and that’s how people learn and develop,” she said.


MPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly. Pic Collins Courts.

While discussing her political connections with Mick Wallace, MEP Daly said they have “very similar views” and that their different backgrounds are “a good combination”.

She argued that the “good work” they do often goes unreported by the Irish media and said there is a “disconnection” between the people of Europe and the European institutions which is “reinforced in Ireland”. .

Sinn Féin has been topping the polls for well over a year and Ms Daly is a “real sign that people are fed up with the old guard” and that an election should be called.

“[Successive governments have] it failed to address the main issues faced by ordinary people in terms of housing, health crisis, cost of living and everything else. So people want change and they deserve it, and the sooner the better, and I think Sinn Féin deserves its chance to be there and show that it can do something different, because that’s what people are clamoring for.” , added her.

https://www.independent.ie/news/im-not-a-putin-puppet-irish-mep-clare-daly-claims-she-has-been-mischievously-misrepresented-41875289.html ‘I’m not a Putin puppet’ – Irish MEP Clare Daly claims she has been ‘impishly misrepresented’

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