In calling for negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, Sabina Higgins was telling the truth


“If wars can be started with lies, peace can be started with truth,” political prisoner Julian Assange said ahead of his incarceration in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison for shameful hypocrisy and mockery of the justice system.

By calling for peace negotiations, Sabina Higgins knows that wars can be started with lies and continued with lies. She spoke the truth and, like peacemakers around the world, longs for peace for all.

Why fear peace? We owe it to the next generation to stop endless killing, hate and violence against families everywhere as endless war ravages their lives.

Peace is a gift we must invest in, rather than spending billions on terrible weapons and the possibility of nuclear war.

It’s time to “give peace a chance” and truly honor Bunreacht na hÉireann.

Miriam Ryan, Sandycove, Co Dublin

For the staunch defense of alcohol, Flann was your only man

I see that Irish Independent Editorial (“We Should Beware the Demise of the Irish Pub,” 5 August) quotes Flann O’Brien: “When money’s tight and hard to come by and your horse runs too, When all you’ve got a heap.” Debt is a pint of plain is your only man.”

This reminds me of an old man’s response to the high price of strong beers: “As long as there’s no shortage, I’m happy.”

Leo Gormley, Dundalk, Co Louth

Clinic protesters refuse to accept voters’ choice

In his letter, Eric Conway proposes that the minority of voters in a referendum have the right to hold vigils outside of premises where, in his opinion, only abortions are performed (“Baning vigils in abortion facilities would be so wrong”, Letters, 5 August). .

Ireland is a democracy: ergo these protesters refuse to accept or recognize the will of the majority. Notwithstanding Mr. Conway’s views on how others live their lives, he has neither the moral nor the legal authority to be the conscience of any fellow human being, nor, more importantly, he has the right to exercise every woman’s right to free will to talk about her body.

At the heart of a belief in a God is the free will to do so, and in my opinion those who truly believe in God place their absolute trust in him/her.

The birth of Jesus should be more than sufficient proof of the goodness and greatness of God. Definitely hold your vigil, but in the right place: in a church.

Declan Foley, Melbourne, Australia

Citizens of democracies are allowed to change their minds

In his letter of August 4th (“Brexiteers would not tolerant second vote on departure”), Dominic Shelmerdine stated that he “would not tolerate a second referendum on this issue and would not accept defeat if the electorate voted for would decide where to stay next time”.

Doesn’t he realize that’s a totalitarian statement? Citizens of democracies are allowed to change their minds.

Anthony Leavy, Sutton, Dublin 13

The citizens of Northern Ireland deserve better

Listen to discussions between Northern politicians on BBC radio The Nolan Show, like many others, I am not surprised by the intransigence and underlying bigotry created at the extremes on both sides. That Northern Ireland’s citizens could benefit from a small £400 rebate on energy bills in the face of a cost of living crisis, only to see it delayed due to the province’s lack of a manager is playing Russian roulette lives.

While those on low incomes or Social Security will benefit from a one-off payment of £650, the fact that a much-needed payment could be delayed because the DUP could not agree on a spokesman in Stormont’s executive branch, led by another extremist is supported, Jim Allister from TÜV is under all contempt.

Using the Northern Ireland Protocol – a binding international agreement between the UK and the EU – as a pretext to delay the government program and have a full executive at Stormont is just smokescreen. Manufacturing output and exports have increased since the agreement was signed.

The big parties at Stormont have humiliated and undermined the good work and courage of people like David Trimble, John Hume, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Bertie Ahern and many others.

With their abstinent policies and lack of openness to disagreements, they do not deserve the voters’ support.

The people of Northern Ireland deserve better.

Christy Galligan, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

Sister Teresa’s position on abortion doesn’t make sense

So Sr. Teresa Forcades “will not be called Pro-Choice.” She says “this dichotomy limits the possibility that she can believe in the sanctity of life and the right to abortion at the same time,” writes Linda Freund (“What I Learned After Watching ‘Nun of the Devil’ in the White Heat of the litigation about abortion’, Irish Independent4th of August).

Well that makes sense doesn’t it? How could you believe in both? What logic can you use to equate the two: sanctity of life and taking of life?

Sister Teresa claims that “according to the Catholic Church, a woman in the grip of a life-threatening pregnancy must deliver her body to the fetus.” I sincerely hope that this is the only instance of their lack of knowledge of Church doctrine.

No treatment necessary to save the mother’s life is withheld, even if it poses a danger to the baby.

With regard to abortion, one simply cannot claim to respect the sanctity of life unless one opposes the willful killing of the unborn child.

Mary Stewart, Town of Ardeskin, Donegal

The opening of a new TikTok facility raises questions

It’s time to have a serious conversation about TikTok’s €600m data center set to open in Ireland next year. While the data center will create jobs and likely have a positive economic impact, questions about TikTok’s data usage are a concern.

The parent company ByteDance is headquartered in Beijing and is therefore subject to Chinese law, which allows the Chinese government to request access to data, including those stored abroad.

In June, US news outlets reported that some American users’ data had been accessed directly from China.

John Loftus, Donaghmede, Dublin

No, Mr Bolton, you and the Tories are wrong

I was listening to an interview on RTÉ Radio 1 with John Bolton, the former US National Security Advisor, in which he uses a Latin phrase and then informs the listener, “That’s Latin.”

Mr Bolton, we in Ireland spoke Latin as a school subject when we were in school. For centuries before you and America were ever heard of, Latin was used every day in Ireland.

The crux of his argument was that the British Government had the right to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol. This protocol was specifically designed for the UK government led by Boris Johnson to allow the UK to exit the EU while allowing it a new free trade deal with a market of nearly 500 million customers.

Northern Ireland voted against Brexit and is now enjoying massive export growth as a result of the protocol.

The Conservative and Unionist Party constantly mocks the EU, using anti-EU stance as “red meat” for their far-right supporters.

No, Mr Bolton, the British Tories and yourself are 100 per cent wrong about tearing up the Protocol and being wrong on that point raises serious questions about other issues on which you are also concerned err.

James J Ryan, Lisnagry, Limerick In calling for negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, Sabina Higgins was telling the truth

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