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John Sweeney reports from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where the killings continue. However, he says that Vladimir Putin’s army is not winning the war and is weakening its influence

A Ukrainian police officer secures the area of ​​​​a residential area in Kyiv that was destroyed by shelling
A Ukrainian police officer secures the area of ​​​​a residential area in Kyiv that was destroyed by shelling

A Russian missile headed for the heart of Kyiv before being knocked out of the sky by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile.

The debris fell to earth on the east bank of the Dnipro River away from the city center, blasting the roof of a ten-story apartment block, killing one person and injuring two, shattering windows throughout the neighborhood, including a school, a local clinic and a kindergarten. Thankfully, most people hid in bunkers and survived.

Maria, 33, and her little daughter Olga, four, were woken up by the explosion: “We felt it.”

Maria pointed to a low building where only a single window was blown out: “That’s where Olga has her dance classes.”

But the most striking thing about the east bank was the lack of crumbs and bangs.

A man carries belongings from a destroyed house


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The Russian army stopped moving forward. Far from encircling the city, the eastern claw of Vladimir Putin’s forces are weakening their grip. In the West, Russians and Ukrainians are locked in a mortal battle, fighting over every street and every house. The difference is simple: Ukrainians are fighting for their homes and children; The Russians are fighting for a man in a stronghold.

The killing continues in Kyiv and across Ukraine, but the big picture is that Vladimir Putin’s dog food army is not winning the war. I call it the Dogfood Army because a while ago a Russian army officer was fired for complaining that his boys were being fed “premium beef,” which has in fact been rebranded as dogfood.

Ukrainians have found abandoned Russian tanks loaded with food rations with a sell-by date of 2015. There are several videos of Russian soldiers looking for food in Ukraine. An army marches on its belly. If it doesn’t eat, it doesn’t march.

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a concert marking the eighth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea



It’s not just the food. “Any army that doesn’t look after its dead is in trouble,” said Johnny Mercer, the Tory MP for Plymouth and a past-life British army commando, who toured Kyiv last week. The litter of Russian dead has become commonplace; The fact that the Russian soldiers don’t bother picking up and burying their fallen comrades shows that their morale is at rock bottom.

The second major weakness of the Dogfood Army is corruption. Michael Weiss, an American journalist who is writing a book on the Russian military intelligence agency GRU, says: “Evidence is mounting that the Kremlin is deploying a Potemkin army. Your soldiers don’t want to fight. They leave behind millions of dollars in equipment. And there have been credible allegations of rampant corruption in the military, with corrupt officers stealing billions.”

A man stands in his apartment in Kyiv



The third major weakness of the Russian army is that its supreme leader, Vladimir Putin, doesn’t trust anyone like Stalin, not even himself. He was so paranoid about leaking his invasion plans to the army that he told them two nights before the D -Day told. That meant the generals had to make up for it over time.

Ukrainians believe in their cause and fight like tigers. The Dogfood Army is hungry, scared, betrayed by corrupt generals and led by a paranoid sitting at a table screaming the length of his fear.

So do not be surprised that the Russian army is not moving forward.

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