Incredible images show ‘Strawberry Moon’ lighting up the night sky across the UK

Clear skies have led to stunning images being captured across the country of the Strawberry Moon, which takes its name from a reddish pink hue seen in June

The Strawberry Moon was photographed behind The Needles lighthouse on the Isle of Wight
The Strawberry Moon was photographed behind The Needles lighthouse on the Isle of Wight

British stargazers were delighted with stunning images of a strawberry moon visible across much of Britain due to clear skies.

The name Strawberry Moon comes from the reddish pink hues of this particular full moon seen in June.

It is also so called because there is a connection back to Native American times where this time of year was usually the start of strawberry picking season.

This strawberry moon is larger and brighter than normal because it’s also the first supermoon of the year — with the only other of its kind arriving a month later.

Full moons occur every 30 days of the year, so the Strawberry Moon never falls on the exact same day.

The stunning June full moon was also captured over Stonehenge


Nick Bull/

People across the country took snaps and videos of the stunning images.

One person wrote: “The Strawberry Moon has just set over Lyme Bay, Devon. Seagulls in applause. What a beautiful sight!”

And Devon County Council tweeted: “Don’t forget to look up… it’s the biggest moon of the year tonight, the Strawberry Supermoon!”

A high altitude jet leaves a vapor trail as it passes in front of the Strawberry Moon over Sheerness, Kent


Alamy Live News.)

Another wrote: “Strawberry Moon clearly showing in North Devon sleep well everyone.”

Plenty of other people shared pics, with one person captioning one image: “Tonight the Strawberry Super Moon will rise behind Mumbles Lighthouse in Swansea.”

And another wrote: “The Strawberry Moon tonight over Newcastle, County Down.”

The Strawberry Moon was also clearly visible behind Mumbles Head in Swansea


Robert Melen/REX/Shutterstock)

Ancient tribes in North America and Europe used the moon as a calendar because its changing phases were easy to track. They gave names to each full moon throughout the year to help them keep track of the seasons and all of the natural and human activity to be expected during each season.

The Maine Farmer’s Almanac, published in the US, began listing Native American names for full moons in the 1930s and reported that the Algonquin tribes called this the Strawberry Moon. The name refers to the time when early fruits such as wild strawberries were ripe and ready to be picked.

It’s also a Supermoon this time, meaning it’s full at the closest point in its elliptical orbit, making it appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter, he reported BirminghamLive.

The Strawberry Moon as seen from Boscombe Down Air Base


(Getty Images)

The June full moon is also known by other names that also refer to natural or agricultural activities.

Green Corn Moon, meaning it’s time to take care of young plants, Blooming Moon, because so many plants are blooming, or Birth Moon, Egg-laying Moon, and Hatching Moon – when many animals are having babies. Then there is Honey Moon – when the first honey is ready to be harvested.

With the ancient custom of getting married in June, this is said to have given its name to the word honeymoon for the first month of marriage.

The full moon, larger than normal, was pictured over the beach huts at Mudeford in Dorset


Steve Hogan/

The moon may not be truly strawberry-colored, but it can take on a different hue during a solar eclipse or as it nears the horizon.

As a moon nears the horizon, light has to travel a greater distance through the atmosphere and therefore encounters more dust particles, which scatter the light – for the same reason sunsets appear red, pink and orange.

Because Tuesday night’s full moon was very close to the horizon, it is redder or pinker than normal.

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