Inside all of Katie Price’s calculated digs at ex Peter Andre in nasty bid to sabotage his success

KATIE Price shocked fans this weekend as she launched a scathing attack on Peter Andre’s wife Emily. 

In the shocking rant, the 43-year-old claimed Emily, who has been with Pete for ten years, stopped Katie’s daughter Princess, 14, visiting her in rehab, going on to call NHS doctor Emily “a disgusting person”. 

Katie Price blasted Peter Andre's wife Emily in a scathing attack on social media


Katie Price blasted Peter Andre’s wife Emily in a scathing attack on social media
This isn't the first time that Katie has slammed Peter and doctor Emily


This isn’t the first time that Katie has slammed Peter and doctor Emily

And it’s not the first time hot-headed Katie has lashed out at her ex husband and his new wife.

In fact, the former glamour model’s previous attacks are often conveniently timed around the same time Peter and Emily are launching new projects.

We take a look back at Katie’s bitter feud with the couple and how her verbal attacks may have been a tactic to sabotage Pete’s success over the years.

Jan 2022 – Katie slams Emily as ‘disgusting’

In a bitter Instagram rant the Katie referred to the NHS doctor as “disgusting” and made a series of shocking accusations.

In the now-deleted post she wrote: “My mouth has been shut for so long but I’ve had enough of people selling stories on me and particularly this so called woman @dr_emily_official.

“Always said I don’t want to be famous yet doesn’t do too bad to stay away from media and TV and now trying to make a career out of it.

“So cringe she has used my children to make money in photo shoots yet covers her own children’s faces up!”

Former glamour model Katie went on to make a series of accusations against Emily, writing: “She claims to be a doctor who clearly doesn’t have a clue about mental health.

“Oh and stopped my daughter from visiting me at The Priory when she wanted to see her mum. She is so jealous of my relationship I have with Princess and puts me down.

“Emily you are not and never will be my kids’ parent so mind your own business, your so two faced and definitely not the person you portray to the public.”

Mum-of-five Katie signed off her outburst with: “I think you’re a disgusting person so stop trying to interfere in my life.”

Katie’s shock post comes a day before Emily appeared as a guest on Loose Women to discuss her no1 best-selling book, Growing Up for Girls: Everything You Need to Know.

Meanwhile, Peter has just launched his new health app, which helps users count their weekly calories to ensure they are fuelling their bodies with the right amount. 

Katie’s remarks come as the couple prepare to celebrate their 10th anniversary in July.

Speaking on Loose Women, Emily said: “I can’t believe it’s 10 years in July, I wish I thought of something good to say. We’ll probably go out for dinner, maybe go away for a few days, maybe I’ll leave it to him.”

Emily recently insisted that she tries not to overstep the mark when it comes to disciplining her stepchildren, however her comments have clearly rattled Katie.

Emily said: “I tend to leave the disciplining up to Pete and often I feel like a big sister, which works really well for us.”

She also makes sure all of the kids have a routine to make them feel like her home is a safe space. Emily added to Closer: “I think routine helps kids feel safe in the structure. I try to keep things consistent for them as much as I can.

“I’m quite strict, especially with stuff like manners. Me and Pete are quite similar, really we both are very much up on honesty, manners, kindness.”

Nov 2021 – Katie says she ‘hates’ Peter Andre in shock attack 

Back in November, Katie launched into an extraordinary attack on her exes Peter and Kieran Hayler, with whom she shares two children each.

The mum-of-five slammed the pair during an online rant and declared: ‘I hate the dads’.

Katie shares Junior, 16 and Princess, 14, with Peter, who she was married to between 2005 and 2009.

Chatting on the Netmums podcast, Sweat, Snot & Tears, Katie was asked: “How successfully do you co-parent with the kids’ dads? is it hard…?”

Interrupting the host, she declared: “Forget it, I will stop you there.

“I hate the dads.

“The Priory no1. and The Priority no2. That’s all I’m saying.

“My relationship with them are non-existent.”

Katie went on: “I’m blocked from with one of the dads, and it was always lawyers, lawyers. And now I refuse to do lawyers lawyers – but luckily they’re old enough that I can talk to them direct.

“One dad there is just absolutely no contact with and he tries to control me all the time.

“And the other dad, I can’t bear him, but we talk for the kids.”

The shocking revelation came around the same time Peter was performing in Grease the musical starring as Vince Fontaine and the Teen Angel in the production. 

The popstar kept tight-lipped and ignored the comments, days later he announced that he would return to host the 70th Miss World final in December.

Nov 2011 – Katie slams Peter for using her to ‘make money’

Earlier that month, Katie fumed that two exes were involved in a story about her.

She named them both in an Instagram post saying: “I’m asking you both kindly to leave me alone now and stop making money from my name.”

Peter simply hit back: “I don’t do stories. It’s not my bag. I never get involved.

“Just thought I’d let anyone interested know. Nice try though 😊.”

Katie’s comments came a week after Peter, Emily, Junior and Princess attended the Pride of Britain together and were pictured looking happy as they walked the red carpet.

Katie also shared her Instagram story days after Peter and Emily appeared in OK! Magazine’s and opened up about family life and lockdown. Meanwhile, Peter had also landed a lead in an epic 90s concert alongside Atomic Kitten and other stars.

Sept 2020 – Katie’s TV show war with Pete and Emily

Last year, Katie announced that she was launching her new reality show, The Adventures of Katie and Carl.

However, just months earlier Peter had started his own show, The Sun’s series Life With The Andres.

An insider told Closer Magazine that Katie was going all-out to rival Pete and aims to become a bigger power couple than him and Emily.

They said: “Katie believes it’s the real deal with Carl and that they can be a huge power pair, like Emily and Peter. She’s had to watch them become TV’s golden couple, and now she thinks she’s found the right man, she’s not going to waste any time in being as happy and successful as her ex and his wife.

“It’s all or nothing with her. She wants to knock Pete off his reality show perch with a bigger and better series. That’ll only be the start of her war against him and Emily in the ratings. She’s thinking huge deals, endorsements, and maybe even trying to crack America – she has lots of ideas.”

June 2020 – Katie Price says her relationship with Emily is ‘chalk and cheese’

Just over 18 months ago Katie spoke to new! magazine about her relationship with Peter Andre’s wife Emily saying they were like ‘chalk and cheese’.

Peter recently revealed on social media that he and Katie were finally friends – but Katie made it clear that the two women were opposites.

She said about the overdue revelation: “It’s taken bloody time! Jesus.

“I do like Emily as well. We’re like chalk and cheese, we’re completely and utterly different!

“So when I go to Pete’s, I think he thinks I’m lively. I’m like, ‘You were with me for six years, Pete! You know what I’m like. You were actually the same. You’re nuts as well.'”

Katie’s remarks came just a few weeks after Peter revealed that he had landed his second movie role after revealing his plans to move to Hollywood for his film career.

He had transformed into a heavily tattooed heroin addict for an upcoming movie and shared a photo alongside British director Fredi Nwaka as he teased fans about the new project.

Showing a hint of the script up on their laptop, the movie currently has the working title of JA-FAICAN, and features a “suspicious” character called Billy Buckle.

April 2019 – Katie launches attack on Peter says he ‘does her head in by trying to bring her down’

The war of words between Katie and Peter goes all the way back to 2019 when Katie launched an attack at Peter by saying he “does her head in” by “trying to bring her down”.

She said: “Honestly Pete’s doing my head in.

“I can’t stand him and all the legal letters he sends me, he’s tried so hard to bring me down.”

She continued to Closer magazine: “He’s so different from what he was. He brings me so much stress, but there is nothing that he or any of my exes can do to bring me down or get to me. All these people have wronged me, I didn’t make them do it, I didn’t ask for it.”

That very same year Peter was launching his acting career – saying he’s now got the “acting bug”.

The popstar played a heroin addict named Harry in the film, The Inheritance – they transformed the star with tattoos covering his arms, chest and face, and wearing a lip ring. 

The Inheritance was Pete’s first movie role, writing in his new! magazine column, he confessed to fans: “I’ve got the acting bug.

“Although it can be full-on, I can honestly say shooting was an incredible experience.

“It was intense and very dark. I can’t wait to see the edit.”

He continued: “Becoming the character took months of preparing and thankfully it paid off. I’ll be going back later in the year to film more. In fact, it looks like I’m going to be spending a lot more time in America this year, so I’m lucky to have such a trusting wife and family.”

Nov 2018 – Katie vows revenge on Emily saying she ‘won’t be frozen out’ of family life

The feud between Katie and Emily was at an all-time low in 2018 after the doctor made a “major dig” at Katie for her boozing lifestyle.

ed post, believing that Emily had made a sly dig about her in an interview., s the first time Katie has publicly slammed Pete

Katie thought that Emily was addressing Katie’s boozing during a chat with OK! magazine, and quickly fired back.

In a post she deleted, Katie said on Twitter: “Emily mind your beak, don’t judge me, watch my show at 10pm tonight on @QuestRedtv then see if you digs about me #donthatemecauseyouaintme”

And it comes off the back of Emily’s interview, in which she said a booze ban keeps her marriage to Peter going strong.

A source told Closer magazine: “She feels that if she gets back to her best and created an idyllic family home, the kids will want to spend more time with her.”

“She loves the idea of them returning back to Peter and Emily’s home and talking about how much fun they had with their mum or, even better, admitting they prefer being with her.

“That would feel like sweet revenge.”

That same year Peter was thrilled to land the voice over role for Thomas and Friends: Big World, Big Adventures! – meaning he was a step closer to achieving his big break in Hollywood.

2016 – Katie slammed Peter for sabotaging her career

If there is one thing fans have noticed about Peter and Katie – is that they’ve remained consistent with the regularity of their feuds.

Katie accused Peter of making their split a “game” and for sabotaging her career.

During a 2016 chat with The Guardian that she was left with no management following her break-up and alleged that he used this to his advantage – as a way to play games and appear like the doting dad.

She hinted that her ex’s actions had a detrimental effect on her career at the time.

“When I split with Pete, Claire [their joint manager] stayed with Pete, and the only thing that hurts is Claire never sat down with me and said – and you know I’d been with her six years – she never said: ‘You know what Kate, I’m going to help you find someone else, I’m going to help protect you,” Katie recalled.

“But instead they lapped it all up, and Pete’s there posing with the kids, doing everything, ah poor Pete poor Pete – I had no one to represent me, I was like a lost lamb, I had no representation to help protect me, nothing. 

“Whereas Pete was protected straight away. So that gave him a lead, it was like: ‘Oh f**k it, let’s pick on Kate, she’s got no one representing her so now we’ll attack her and attack her cos she’s got no one to fight back.”

The bombshell interview happened while Emily was pregnant with her second child and three months before she gave birth to son Theo.

Despite the shock admission, Peter still managed to land an OK! magazine deal for a world exclusive.

Following a difficult birth, the pair gave fans a first look at their tiny tot , holding Theo up to the camera, the trio posed up in front of a Christmas tree, looking proud as punch for the spread with OK! magazine.

Katie met and fell in love with Peter in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2004.

They married the year later but split in 2009 and have had a tumultuous relationship since.

Katie's verbal attacks could be a bid to sabotage Pete's success over the years


Katie’s verbal attacks could be a bid to sabotage Pete’s success over the years
Peter and Katie split in 2009


Peter and Katie split in 2009
Katie Price says people ‘shouldn’t judge her’ for drink-drive crash but admits she’s ‘ashamed about it’

https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/8183557/katie-price-digs-peter-andre-emily-sabotage-success/ Inside all of Katie Price’s calculated digs at ex Peter Andre in nasty bid to sabotage his success

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