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Russian long-range rockets hit the western city of Ivano Frankivsk where smoke was billowed from the city’s military airport by a group of Mirrors near the scene

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Ukraine: Missiles hit the city of Ivano-Frankivsk

Russian forces have intensified their bloody war into Ukraine with massive airstrikes on the western cities of Ivano Frankivsk and Lutsk.

The city of Dnipro in central Ukraine was also affected by three merciless long-range attacks, which hit a kindergarten and a residential house.

The long-range missile hit the area near the Ivano Frankivsk military airport just before 7 a.m. – less than two miles from the Daily Mirror team covering the war.

Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the attack on Lutsk 160 miles to the north, Ivano Frankisvk and six others were wounded in the large-scale attack early in the morning.

One person died in the battle of Dnipro.

No casualties have been reported in Ivano Frankivsk, although they do give a small insight into what Ukrainians are suffering across the country.

Their situation was even more dire.

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Smoke is seen rising from the scene in Ivano-Frankivsk when the missile hit

Two Ukrainian troops killed in Lutsk attacks and six wounded

Just before 7 a.m., we were awoken by at least two massive explosions as they smashed through the western suburbs of Ivano Frankivsk, marking a sinister escalation in Putin’s desperate war strategy.

Gray plumes of smoke rose from the direction of the airport, near where at least one woman suspected of being a Russian spy was recently arrested as she scouted the target area.

Hours later, a senior security official in Ivano Frankivsk, one of the few reporting teams based here that we reported on the war for a week, revealed his men were working. aggressively hunt down Russian spies.

The city’s police and security teams suspect Russia has brought covert operations here months ago, renting out apartments and infiltrating the community.

It is feared that saboteurs – experts in identifying and detecting targets for strikes – may even have disguised themselves as refugees.

During a near-constant air raid hiatus, 36-year-old Serhii Syvachuk, Chief of Defense of the Carpathian Region, told the Daily Mirror: “We can’t say too much about the damage, if yes, for the airport, because we don’t want to give information to the enemy.

Mirror defense editor Chris Hughes takes shelter during air raid sirens in Ivano-Frankivsk


Rowan Griffiths / Daily Mirror)

“But I can tell you that if we need to ramp up security quickly, we can.”

When asked if there are many Russian spies in the city trying to find new targets for Putin’s missile squadrons, he said:

“I am sure they are here. We haven’t caught anyone recently but you can believe we really want to catch them and we will.

“There are basically two types of people doing this – but they’re not the James Bond type.

“They look like normal people but at first they feel hurt that they are no longer part of the Soviet Union, they are communists who want to attack Ukraine in some way.

“And the other kind that came here just before the war, might be ready to pose as a refugee or someone else assimilated into society here.

Air raid warnings were heard in the town, in which people were taught how to use weapons


Bruno Thevenin / SIPA / REX / Shutterstock)

“They are vandals and I believe they rented apartments here in the city to be able to infiltrate here.

“They look like normal people but they’re doing it for the money – and that’s despicable – or they’re motivated by revenge against Ukraine.”

Throughout the morning, the sirens of the city air raid sounded as we were ordered to hide in the basements, under the local martial law order.

Sirens crisscrossed the sub-Carpathian region as terrified locals flocked to air raid shelters to hide from Russian missile squadrons.

It is believed that no more bombs were dropped in the morning on Ivano Frankivsk but no one was allowed near the site of the airport bombing.

The people in the town went to the air raid shelter for fear of more attacks


Rowan Griffiths / Daily Mirror)

Soldiers with machine guns told us sternly to turn around and “don’t turn around” as we approached a checkpoint just a mile from the bomb site.

Lutsk Airport was also hit by a long-range missile as Russia claimed its bombs “knock out” both airports with a detonated double tap.

The Russian claim of the destruction of Ivano Frankivsk airport was denied by the town’s Mayor Ruslan Martskinkiv, who said shortly after the bombing: “This morning in the Ivano Frankivsk region is restless.

“But now the danger is over. We should be on high alert and when you hear a whistle from me or any other official source please follow the instructions given.

“It concerns people living near strategic objects. For the explosion this morning. Alarm not working.

Lutsk airport was also hit by a long-range missile


Bruno Thevenin / SIPA / REX / Shutterstock)

“And we are deciding why this is happening. Our services are trying to figure out why the siren is not working.

“There are currently no casualties and the airport’s infrastructure is not badly damaged.

“We have to understand that when there is war in the country no city can guarantee what happens and make sure the city won’t be bombarded.

“This is the second explosion in the city since the beginning of the war.

“Any minute there can be danger.

“The purpose of the enemy is to make people panic and feel fear.”

Mirror defense editor Chris Hughes takes shelter during air raid sirens in the town of Ivano-Frankivsk


Rowan Griffiths / Daily Mirror)

He went on to urge locals not to share information about the attacks on social media, adding: “Don’t help the enemy.”

This is the first time Ivano Frankivsk has been hit by a bullet since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, now in its third week.

The local airport was bombed during the opening hour after Putin’s faltering invasion as the Russian leader turned to increasingly sinister means to attack Ukraine.

The new long-range bombings that took place on Thursday marked a restructuring of Putin’s war on Ukraine, according to UK military intelligence experts.

The local airport was bombed during the opening hour of Putin’s now faltering invasion

One said: “Ivano Frankivsk can be assessed as a strategically important city for Russian forces as supplies are being brought in from Romania and Slovakia.

“It is also a demonstration of Putin’s willingness to direct an escalating challenge to NATO by drawing closer to the member states.

“This could be a very important development in the war and a sign that the Kremlin is rethinking how to try and defeat Ukraine.

“This is a re-enactment of their war effort and they are looking very aggressive towards Ukraine and NATO.”

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