Insider puzzles how 62 kids all saw the exact same UFO sighting at school

The Ariel school in Zimbabwe was the site of a mass UFO sighting in 1994, when 62 children claimed to have seen an alien spacecraft and figure land in a field behind their playground.

A field in Zimbabwe seen from above.
62 children claim to have seen a UFO land in a field behind their playground

A mystery surrounds how 62 children claim they saw a UFO land in front of their school.

Three decades ago, students claimed they saw a disc-shaped craft land from the sky and stopped in a field outside their school in Zimbabwe.

The case has intrigued UFO enthusiasts because of the large number of witnesses who all claim to have seen the same thing.

Most UFO sightings tend to happen in the west, and this one in Africa also helped draw more world attention when it happened.

Even 28 years after the incident, many of the children still claim to have seen a UFO on September 16, 1994.

The Witnesses have the opportunity to tell their side of the story in a new documentary called Ariel Phenomenon.

Kids who claim to have seen UFO land outside of their school will share their testimony in a new documentary


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But many question whether the children saw an alien spacecraft, saying the claims are simply a case of mass hysteria spreading.

In the documentary, the now grown-up children give testimonies of what they saw.

They also describe their struggle to be heard and believed while being doubted along the way.

Speak with The sunThe film’s director, Randall Nickerson, explained that the witnesses must be given a chance to be heard and their experience must not be dismissed.

Nickerson said, “We need to be able to be honest with people’s experiences and say, ‘Well, maybe we don’t understand what’s going on.

“It’s necessary at this point, we’re seeing more and more as our technology evolves.

“It’s something we need to talk about and explore – and Ariel is a big part of that.”

The children’s testimony was found credible after being questioned after the event


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The children at Ariel Rural School were on their morning break when the incident happened.

The school’s teachers had a meeting at 10 a.m. and were not there to witness the event.

The former students recalled that the landing lasted about 15 minutes and they saw an object from the air in a field behind the school yard.

Immediately, some of the children ran away as they watched the craft land.

Others claimed they saw alien human-like creatures exit the ship, which witnesses described as shaped like a silver disk.

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Following the alleged sighting, news of the incident spread and was reported by BBC war correspondent Tim Leach.

The children were aged between six and twelve when they recounted the day’s events.

The psychiatric expert Dr. Harvard University’s John Mack heard about the incident and wanted to question the witnesses.

After talking to the children, Dr. Mack concluded that their reports were credible.

The children reported seeing at least one UFO and one extraterrestrial figure, and even made drawings of what they saw.

Some even suggested the characters might have been folklore creatures rather than aliens.

The children made sketches of what they saw


IndieGogo – Ariel Phenomenon Campaign)

The drawings provide a glimpse of what the Child Witnesses may have seen


IndieGogo – Ariel Phenomenon Campaign)

UFOs have been a global focus for many years and events such as the Roswell Incident in America in 1947 are still discussed today.

The alleged 1994 UFO sighting in Zimbabwe adds to the growing list of possible alien sightings and could be a pivotal moment in humanity’s search for extraterrestrial life.

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