Internet split after two women argue over empty plane seats – but who was right?

A WOMAN is divided after letting a passenger sit in the empty seat on a plane near her – only for them to fill the entire row.

The 20-year-old explained that she was traveling with her 23-year-old brother on a flight in Europe but were not seated next to each other.


Two women have taken to the internet after arguing over empty seats on a flight[/caption]

As soon as the doors closed, she found that she had two vacant seats next to her, but before she could ask her brother to move in with her, another passenger asked if she could sit there.

She explained: “But I wanted to go to the window or ask my brother to come and sit with me because he needs special assistance at the airport, so we have to wait for everyone else to get off so we can go, it should have been done was just easier but it’s no big deal.”

She then explained that although she let them sit there, she ended up occupying the entirety of the two seats and taking up almost all of the space.

the Reddit The poster continued, “So she gets in and sits, pulls down her tray, pulls out her laptop, puts her bag and scarf on the middle seat between us, and hangs her coat on the middle seat in front of us.”

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“I was like, wow, that’s pretty rude because I’ve been sitting here with my coat on my lap and my bag under the seat in front of me the whole time and she just walked in and took the seat.

“So I move her things over a bit since they took up the whole seat, and also my bag on the middle seat next to hers.

“She tells me very loudly to stop being mean to her and keeps telling me to calm down but I can’t remember what else she said because I was just surprised that she would answer like that. I hadn’t said anything else to her at the time.”

While the flight attendant told her to move her bags, she said the woman even started stabbing her with an eyeliner pencil she dropped and continued to use her laptop even when the crew told her she was shouldn’t do it.

The poster ended by saying, “I know it’s petty and it’s not good to touch people’s stuff, but it’s killing me and I couldn’t just ignore them.”

Most people were on her side, claiming that the woman was not okay.

One person said: “She thought you were young so you wouldn’t say anything or make a scene. Such people love to take advantage of such situations.”

Another agreed: “She sounds like a psycho.”

Others said the seats weren’t theirs to the gatekeeper, with one person commenting: “You don’t own the row of seats, your ticket just rents you a seat on the flight.

“It’s not her fault that you didn’t think about your brother sitting with you. She doesn’t know your situation.”

Another person wrote, “Can’t decide if you want the seat when she’s already moved to it.”

It’s not the first row of airplane seats to spark controversy on the internet.

A passenger divided opinion after them refused to give up an empty row because they wanted to sleep during a flight.

A woman refused give up an empty row of seats during a flight to sit a group of friends together, but people couldn’t agree on whether she was right.

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And another passenger refused to switch places so that a husband could sit on an airplane with his wife and child.

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One of the women took both empty seats, much to the annoyance of the others[/caption] Internet split after two women argue over empty plane seats – but who was right?

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