Internet stunned by optical illusion rated X

REDDIT users have been stunned by the egg-related X-rated optical illusion – but can you spot what’s really going on?

The image, which was uploaded on the popular chat site last month, caused a stir as users tried to figure out what it really was.

Can you spot what's happening in this optical illusion?


Can you spot what’s happening in this optical illusion?Credit: Reddit

The rather innocuous photo appears to show four eggs stacked on top of each other but a closer look reveals what could be two pairs of bare feet.

However, Reddit users are not so convinced and have their own theories as to what it could be.

“Yes… eggs… definitely not anything else because I have a immature mind,” one person wrote.

“What else will they be?” ask another.

IHaveSoulDoubt replied, “You can give birth any way you want.”

Manubibi replied, “Uh, I can see it but only by omitting some parts of the image. If I see it without any explanation, I will immediately say I don’t. know exactly what that image is.”

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ThatCarpetTowel05 wrote: “It took me a LOT of time to understand what you mean”.

Others poured cold water on them, claiming that this was a couple having sex, instead arguing that the photo was nothing more than a staged photo.

Anthryn237 posted: “Can do the same thing with bending your knees and elbows or whatever else you try. Staged photo ≠ optical illusion.”

It appeared after a disturbing optical illusion appeared showing horses on top of a mountain caused a controversy between its creator and scientists.

Bev Doolitte’s portrait of five patched-skinned horses standing together on a snowy ledge has been a staple on the National Institutes of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS) website for a while.

In it, it appears that four white and brown horses and a pony are huddled together and blend into the background of brownstone and snow, giving the photo an optical illusion.

But scientists say the image of Doolitte actually has seven horses, not five as its creator claims.

According to the group, the painting was made of seven horses including some partial horses such as the head and tail.

If you can’t see seven, maybe this funny note from one of the NIEHS’s own scientists can help.

“I see a person on the left looking out, and in the middle four faces are clustered together – in that group, one person’s brown nose (second from left) covers the right side of the person’s face. lowest bow.

“To the right is a pony standing sideways, and above it is the rear of the seventh. Unless I’m hallucinating.”

If you still can’t see seven, be reassured by the fact that you are one of the many people who believe that the real number shown in the picture is five. Internet stunned by optical illusion rated X

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