iPhone 13 (2021) vs Google Pixel 6 (2021)

REGARDLESS of whether you’re a certified Apple fanatic or a die-hard Android fanatic, we’ve put these devices side-by-side to show you what the other side has to offer.

The Apple iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6 are both former flagships, but if you’re wondering which one is for you, read on to find out which side of the fence you’re on.

If you've been thinking of switching your allegiance to Apple or Andriod, read on first


If you’ve been thinking of switching your allegiance to Apple or Andriod, read on first
  • Apple iPhone 13 (2021), £699 – Buy here
  • Google Pixel 6 (2021), £467 – Buy here

There are many options when you’re looking to buy a new smartphone, but when you’re loyal to a brand and thinking about branching out, the choice can become more difficult.

The biggest conflict is whether you’re an Apple or an Android user, but each offers some of the best options out there, which one do you go for?

Both the Apple iPhone 13 and the Google Pixel 6 are great options since they launched together back in 2021 and both were considered former flagships.

We stack these devices against each other and take a look at everything from design, features, cameras and price. Read on to find out what suits you.

For a detailed breakdown of specs, our tech editor Sean Keach gives his verdict on each, read his iPhone 13 review and Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro review to learn more.

iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6: at a glance


The iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 offer little in common, with Apple and Google making different choices in almost every area of ​​the construction of these two flagships, be it cosmetic or down to the hardware.

One of the few similarities these devices come with is the Qi wireless charging option, which many users will come to expect. Both also come with OLED displays, but they differ in resolution.

You’ll also notice that both devices come with dual rear cameras, with a main and an ultra-wide lens, and of course a front-facing camera, but with different capabilities.


While the iPhone 13 is one of four sister models; the iPhone Mini, Pro and Pro Max, the Google Pixel 6 is one of three; the Google Pixel 6a and Pro.

The difference in range has led to the differences between the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6, from design to specs.

First off, the iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch display with a 60Hz refresh rate, while the Pixel 6 has a much larger 6.4-inch display and faster 90Hz.

The Pixel 6 also has a much larger battery than its Apple counterpart. A 4,614mAh battery on the Google device compared to Apple’s 3,240mAh.

iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6: Camera

One of the most important deciding factors for those considering one of these handsets will be the camera. Both devices offer great cameras with some great features, but for some of you one of these might come out on top.

If you’re a big selfie-taker, Apple has treated you to a 12-megapixel front camera, while the Pixel 6’s front-facing camera is a standard 8-megapixel.

The Google Pixel 6 comes with a 50-megapixel main lens and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, while the iPhone 13 has a smaller 12-megapixel main lens and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better though, the iPhone 13’s main camera lens lets in more light due to its large aperture, which helps in low light conditions.

That being said, Google has listened to complaints about the Pixel 5 and made improvements to the Pixel 6, particularly when it comes to capturing fast-moving objects.

For the average user, both offer great cameras and these differences might not mean the world to you, but for those interested in their photography it’s worth considering.

iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6: Design

At first glance, you’ll see that these two devices are of different sizes, with the Google Pixel 6 sporting a larger 6.4-inch display than the iPhone 13’s 6.1-inch display.

While the iPhone 13 is compact, the Google Pixel 6 is wider and considerably longer, not only that you can tell a difference in the design choices.

Apple has opted for slightly larger bezels in the iPhone 13, and its front-facing camera takes a notch out of the screen.

In contrast, the Pixel 6’s bezel is smaller and its front-facing camera takes up less space with a punch-hole design.

When it comes to a premium feel, both devices are on par with front and back glass designs. Apple chose Ceramic Shield for the iPhone 13, while the Pixel 6 comes with its robust Gorilla Glass.

So it really comes down to your own preferences as to whether you prefer a larger screen or something more compact.

iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6: Features

Google and Apple both offer users fantastic features that are becoming big talking points, and in 2021 these affected the cameras of these two devices.

On the Google Pixel 6 it comes in the form of top-notch editing tools, on the Apple iPhone 13 it comes in the form of next-level filming.

Google’s Magic Eraser is the Pixel 6’s standout feature for removing unwanted photo bombers, which even Apple fans have to admit is worth the hype. You also get Face Unblur, which adds clarity to the faces in your photos.

Apple’s selling point for the iPhone 13 when it was released in 2021 was the Cinematic video mode, which could switch focus in real time and blur the background while filming.

One feature you’ll find on the iPhone 13 that’s missing on the Pixel 6 is Face ID to secure your device, as Google only rolled out fingerprint ID on its former flagship Pixel 6.

But features IP68-rated water protection, so you can rest assured that each of these handsets is safe if you’re around water frequently.

iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6: battery life

There is a difference in battery size on each of these devices, with a 4,614mAh battery on the Google Pixel 6 compared to a much smaller 3,240mAh on the Apple iPhone 13.

While the iPhone 13’s battery is smaller, it’s an improvement over the iPhone 12, which featured a 2,815mAh battery.

It’s also important to note that iOS tends to be more energy efficient than Android devices, so again, bigger doesn’t mean better.

But how long you can stretch out from either device really depends on your usage habits, but the everyday user will easily get a day’s charge with the Pixel 6 or iPhone 13, and as a nice touch both come with Qi wireless charging .

iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6: price

At their release, the Apple iPhone 13 was more expensive than its Google counterpart, with the Pixel 6 launching at £599 compared to the iPhone 13 at £799.

Things have changed since then with the release of new flagship devices, but the Google Pixel 6 remains a more affordable option with a £232 difference between the two.

  • Apple iPhone 13 (2021), £699 – Buy here
  • Google Pixel 6 (2021), £467 – Buy here

However, if you want a monthly plan, there is almost no difference between these two options. You can get 100GB of data for just £37 Apple iPhone 13 without paying upfront and the same plan for just £38 on the Google Pixel 6.

Here are all the retailers that offer both devices:

iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6: Which to choose?

Both devices have some great features and offer top-notch design and bells and whistles.

Choosing between the two comes down to which features are more important to you and how compact you like your phone.

Hopefully this guide has helped you decide which device is faster and which one to commit to.

Choose the iPhone 13 if:

  • They prefer a smaller phone
  • You want more cinematic video footage
  • You want Face ID security
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Choose the Google Pixel 6 if:

  • You want a bigger phone
  • You need a bigger battery
  • You have a smaller budget

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