It’s Kafkaesque on Orwell Road


At first, caregiving may seem like an easy thing to do. Something that we can all get on board. Because we all care, right? And we’re all terrified of the same things, and we all want to help.

Of course it is not that simple.

There is a hierarchy of care. So when people start to care, a suspicion will arise that some people may not care enough. For example, there is suspicion about the inhabitants of Orwell Road. Local councilors wanted to change the name to Independent Ukraine Road, to excavate the now most notorious residential area of ​​Orwell Road, Russian ambassador Yuri Filatov. Now, you could argue that Orwell Road is the perfect address for the Russian embassy. If they were going to change something, perhaps they could have confused the street number a bit, so that the ambassador’s address became 1984 Orwell Road.

Indeed, one resident, “renowned geriatrician professor Ronan Collins,” as he is referred to in the dispatches, has suggested that the street renaming, and the way it is happening, is “Orwellian.” . Whether “Orwellian,” in this situation, means the kind of thing that might happen on Orwell Road, or the kind of thing you might see in a George Orwell book, is unclear at this point. While you might imagine that a famous geriatrician could be useful in the war against Russia, a country still seems to be run by men of a certain age – and a few of them at that time.

Collins felt that there was an element of shame when people on Orwell Street changed their address, and if they protested they would be seen as not caring enough about the Ukrainian people, which of course would make them become uncomfortable. He suggested, if we care about that, why not go from passive-aggressive renaming the street, to being outright aggressive, and kick the ambassador out?

The whole thing is going badly Kafkaesque, if not a bit Pinteresque.

Meanwhile, big businesses have made it very clear that they care enough. Western brands have left Russia at this hour, showing their qualities all over the business pages. While they are very public about leaving Russia, which is not a huge market for most large Western businesses, the question many have is whether they have to leave China next. .

If big business had virtue and care and operated only in approved liberal democracies, where would it all end?

Meanwhile, the rest are also being questioned about their virtues. We are being challenged why we don’t care much about Afghanistan, or Yemen. And we were told that we did not always believe stories and images from the fog of war that interested us.

We have decided to trust the Ukrainians, take their side, and focus our attention, for now, on the immediate, urgent crisis unfolding before our eyes, with no intention of taking it seriously. often other crises. But there’s no doubt this care business is getting confusing. It’s Kafkaesque on Orwell Road

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