It’s not NATO that Putin fears, it’s Navalny and Co. – this war is purely a ruse to keep the Democrats in check


Putin is more afraid of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny than of NATO. In fact, Navalny and his movement are Putin’s greatest fear. So what exactly are Putin’s wishes?

Here is an obvious anachronistic neurosis with the USSR.

But it goes even deeper. In the meantime, he wants war with NATO as his only hope of keeping Navalny and the democratic movement in Russia in check.

He and his cabinet have shown a hopeless grasp of military tactics.

The vast majority of his young soldiers were fed several lies before deployment – that they didn’t have to fight and that Ukrainians were neo-Nazis bent on genocide.

They quickly discovered that neither was true. He sent tanks into the mud and gave food and fuel to his 60 km siege line for just three days. His FSB hit squad that poisoned Navalny with novichok is like an incompetent version of Dad’s army

Putin is about as far removed from the art of war as a warmonger could be.

So why would he want a war with NATO that he can’t win?

He has become despotic. He will adopt a scorched earth policy on retreat, killing everyone, including his own.

All despots do. The only problem is that this one could be nuclear.

David McKervey, Ederney, Co. Fermanagh

War tyrants must face justice wherever they are

THIS modern trend of openly cowardly wars is reprehensible. It started with the indiscriminate air and missiles of the Russians
Attacks on Syria, continued with the relentless Saudi airstrike in Yemen and now seen in all its inhumanity in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

At least in earlier times, wars were fought by soldiers and the large-scale destruction of infrastructure with the inevitable loss of human life was unthinkable.

The international community must demand that every nation involved in these cowardly wars be brought to justice and no longer live with impunity.

Brendan Butler, Malahide, Co Dublin

Maybe one day Russia will honor reporters?

Our hearts should go out to Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian journalist who disrupted a TV news program with her harsh anti-war message.

It reminded me of another brave woman, Sophie Scholl, the German dissident who was arrested by the Gestapo in February 1943 for distributing hundreds of leaflets at Munich University exposing Nazi atrocities.

She paid a heavy price for this protest, but a coin was minted in Germany to commemorate her 100th birthday.

Perhaps a post-oligarchic Russia will pay a similar honor to Ovsyannikova?

Journalism is under siege worldwide, not only in war zones and dictatorships. Social media all too often turns the truth on its head and we don’t know what to believe.

John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co. Kilkenny

Ireland’s neutrality is Ireland’s shame

Hugh Duffy (Letters, March 17) asks us if the “Ukrainian problem” should really change our attitude.

He asks us not to forget that de Valera’s policy of neutrality saved us in World War II.

What did it save us from? Certainly not the shame of the enslaved European nations and European Jewry for not contributing to the fight against fascism and the genocide of European Jews.

We shouldn’t glorify our neutrality, we should hang our heads in shame.

Sammy Sullivan, Castletownbere, Co Cork

NATO’s confusing stance on Ukraine’s no-fly zone

The catastrophic humanitarian situation in Ukraine is on the brink of downright catastrophe. The harrowing scenes of devastation, mass starvation, devastation, physical and cognitive impairment, and death are beyond imagination.

It is therefore puzzling that Nato has decided not to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, as Nato says the conflict will intensify and they do not want this to become a full-fledged NATO-Russia conflict.

My questions are: Can such scary ordeals be any worse than this? What constitutes a Third World War? And wasn’t Zelensky crazy to even enter this conflict, knowing that NATO will only arm him to kill and be killed, maimed, wounded, mentally scarred and traumatized for life and that the big losers in this regard are Ukrainians and Ukraine?

dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob, London

Donnelly’s kick against the gay blood donation ban

The Irish blood transfusion service has a problem, and it’s not limited to the recent blood import from England – the third in less than 12 months.

In December last year, the service announced that it was raising the time gay and bisexual men must wait after having sexual contact with other men before donating blood from a 12-month delay to a four-month delay from an indefinite date in this month would shorten .

On February 15, the Secretary of Health confirmed that the implementation date for this rule change would be March 28, 2022.

There are many men in Ireland suddenly eligible to donate blood from this date. There are probably more who would be eligible if the blood transfusion service had been breaking this news for the past two months.

Instead, and rather disappointingly, the Blood Service and Health Secretary seem intent on keeping the implementation of these forthcoming changes secret until the very last minute.

Tomás Heneghan, East Wall, Dublin 3

A community house for Derrybrien turbines?

As for the Derrybria wind farm debacle, the proposal is now to dismantle the 70 or so turbines. Since the government owns 96.1 percent of ESB on our behalf, could ESB and the government perhaps donate the dismantled 70 individual wind turbine generators to select community groups across the country to support their own community wind turbine generation on a common operational basis?

A working template already exists in Templederry, Co. Tipperary

Who pays the fines of 17 million euros? Isn’t it about time we got our money back? Surely the green gurus who teach us about frogs, carbon and sustainability should aim for that – no waste, no lust?

John Gallagher, Tubbercurry, Co Sligo

Bualadh bos don ‘Indo’ as na haltanna Gaeilge

A chara, Maith sibh as na haltanna Gaeilge le cúpla seachtain anuas. Thank you for the Irish language articles over the last few weeks. I’ve been very critical of that in the past indo‘s lack of Gaeilge, so well done. It’s a real feel-good factor for an Irish speaker when the language is given the recognition it deserves in a stimulating and fun way. Tá súil agam go leanann sibh ar aghaidh.

Liam Ó Cuinneagáin, Gleann Cholm Cille, Co Dhún na nGall

Biden may be Irish, but he can also be terribly stupid

And the St. Patrick’s Day Award for Racial Stereotypes goes to Joe Biden for, “I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid.”

dr John Doherty, Gaoth Dobhair, Co Dhún na nGall It’s not NATO that Putin fears, it’s Navalny and Co. – this war is purely a ruse to keep the Democrats in check

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