It’s okay to make time for your favorite MMO

Lost Ark had one of the richest western releases in recent memory. A variety of collectibles, fifteen classes, and a plethora of islands and continents to work through are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the sheer volume of things to do. The rewards also contribute directly to horizontal progression, with plenty of skill points, Rapport items, and even cosmetic items to claim.

Many players have expressed dislike at how much content there is to do in the game. I know that might sound silly at first, because we’ve often looked at games where it’s been like that small content, but there is a great benefit to feeling overwhelmed. When someone throws a huge stack of papers on your desk, it often doesn’t matter if it has to be processed today or in a week. You will still feel that there is still a lot to be done.

Another problem players have had is the fear of missing out (FOMO); Stress or anxiety caused by not keeping up with current content or publications. This was amplified when Argos was released. Many players that were close to reaching iLevel 1370, or even those close to reaching Tier 3, had FOMO. Many MMO players love being on the cutting edge of content and strive for things like server first or the highest ilevel. Competitive players will always strive to be the best. So when content comes out that almost none of the population is ready for, FOMO can intervene harshly. This can also apply to people who aren’t necessarily the most competitive but want to be ready for content when it’s released. Lost Ark has a unique issue where you can literally make it in time for new content due to a bad RNG line, which doesn’t feel good to anyone.

Personally, I’m a hyper-competitive player. I’m always looking for ways to advance in any MMO I play. Because of this, I’m also easily overwhelmed and FOMO happens to me fairly regularly when I can’t keep up. Over the years, I’ve tried to find ways to mitigate or eliminate both of those feelings from my gaming experience, and one of the most important things to remember is this: Unless you literally aspire to World First or are strictly schedule (e.g. a set group time), it’s okay to take your time. I know it may sound very cliched, but missing out on a raid ban or a weekly won’t hurt your progress in any significant way in the long run, especially in a game like Lost Ark. The raid content will still be there (and will arguably be easier to do when you get around to it as the knowledge continues to spread), and you won’t have a problem learning it with people who are either also learning or have no problem teaching you.

The second thing that helped me was knowing that Progress in other parts of the game is still progress. You can easily work on other aspects of your character or account and still make significant progress. If you’re worried about not entering something like Argos, but haven’t progressed in skill points, you may not reach the level you want when you eventually get it. Your character is much more than your gear score, and raids are just one aspect of your growth. Are your engravings even set up properly to raid? The Level 1 Grudge or Cursed Doll is a good sign that you may need to find a proper build. Are your stats all ok? Expertise and dominance are undesirable in PVE for a reason, and are just as important, if not more so, than many engravings.

third, Make sure you don’t miss other opportunities to work on your main. This is a little off the second point, but extends to alts. Alts are so incredibly important to those who want to get serious about the game, and if you’re falling behind with your alts, you might have a lot more work to do if you’re worried about keeping up. Get these tier 2 alternatives up to three if you haven’t already. Get the daily newspapers of Lopang Island because you will definitely need the silver. As you progress, is your group of friends keeping up? If not, what do they need that you can help with? If you all plan to raid together, do they need to brush up on certain mechanics? Can you help them with specific islands to give them more skill points? Doing things with your friends is also a way to work on your main thing as it provides a more reliable environment that you can keep improving!

Lost Ark

This might be a bit contrary to the previous point, but you don’t have to do everything every day. I’ve only recently realized this, but I’ve started implementing what I call a “three-day cycle” on my account. Aside from my main quest, I only complete the main daily quests on my side quests every three days, allowing me to maximize the rewards from the Rest Exp Boost without putting in nearly as much work. I rotate this between different alternatives so I can effectively get almost as much done in a set amount of time. This relieves approx three hours away from my playing time so I can just do whatever I want afterwards. If I decide to play hardcore one day I can jam something like Infinite Chaos Dungeons or Adventurer’s Tomes.

Finally, and one that many of us, myself included, may not want to hear, it’s okay to take a break. Ultimately, Lost Ark is going nowhere. The game will continue to have all this great content for years to come, and if you’re feeling really overwhelmed, maybe a few days off will help to remedy that. I know it sounds like a platitude, but it’s a game, and while balancing that between “trying to make the game not feel like a job” and “trying to progress as much as possible with the time I have ‘ is difficult, it is very possible to ensure that you are at least getting closer to your goal without your goal being the only thing you are have do.

It’s also one of the reasons why playing something you enjoy is so much more important than what’s on a made-up leaderboard. If you don’t enjoy what you do, then what you do with must make up for the fun factor. If you don’t, you’ll burn out pretty quickly. You can be competitive and strive to be the best you can in an MMO without sacrificing your fun. It’s okay to make time for your favorite MMO

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