Jacob Rees-Mogg says Ukraine war allowed Tories to ‘escape’ from Partygate

Tory Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg said No10 staff and top Tories enjoying parties while the rest of the country was in lockdown was “basically trivial”

The Ukraine crisis has allowed the Tories to ‘get out’ from Partygate, Jacob Rees-Mogg admitted today.

He described the scandal as “basically trivial” and “fluffy” – underscoring the “seriousness” of Vladimir Putin’s invasion makes it look like “nonsense”Independent newspaper reported.

It comes as Scotland Yard bolsters its Partygate team that is probing locked No10 backstops as the investigation intensifies.

The Metropolitan Police’s Special Investigations Team originally consisted of eight senior officers.

But today it is reported that it has employed more staff.

An employee told the Daily Mail.

Staff members are still distributing questionnaires and reviewing more than 500 documents and cross-referencing accounts with more than 300 CCTV images.

Last month, Boris Johnson became the first Prime Minister to be cautiously asked as he completed his questionnaire.

The Met is investigating allegations of 12 events that breached coronavirus rules – six of which Mr Johnson is believed to have attended.

Speaking at a Q&A with the Conservative Party website, according to the Independent, Jacob Rees-Mogg said the Ukraine crisis was “a reminder that the world is serious and there are serious things to be discussed. arguments and decisions are serious and difficult for politicians. take, whether this is about reopening and getting new permits for oil wells in the North Sea, or getting rid of the pottery that has beset huge sections of society.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg speaks at the Conservative Party Conference


James Maloney / Lancs Live)

He continued: “All that nonsense is presented because of its trivial nature, and we are currently looking at the seriously difficult decisions that must be made.

“I would say the same about Partygate. All of this is done because of the disproportionate political mess it is, rather than something fundamentally serious about the safety of the world and about the established global order. create. “

He added: “When we look back on our 36 years at Partygate, people think ` `What are they doing? They have moved from Covid to Russia and Ukraine, but they are distracted by whether the Prime Minister has spent the time. five minutes to yourself or not. garden. It’s basically mediocre.”

He went on to demand that the word “chairman” be used instead of the awakened “chairman”, and suggested referring to Beijing instead of Beijing to mean “bringing to a totalitarian regime.”

Tory chairman Oliver Dowden later stepped away from Mr Rees-Mogg’s comments, saying Partygate should be “taken seriously.”

Party Chairman Oliver Dowden drives a tram during a visit during the Tory Spring Conference


James Maloney / Lancs Live)

He said: “I have always felt that incumbent politicians are the ones who set the rules to follow the rules, so I think any accusations that politicians failed to do so should be seriously considered.

“However, I would say that both have ongoing police investigations, we have had Sue Gray’s interim report, and the Prime Minister has similarly expressed regret over incidents of this kind. How could this happen and he’s right in doing so, so I don’t disprove that, no.”

Meanwhile, Lord Cruddas, a major donor to the Conservative Party, said the scandal had been “fairly exaggerated”.

He told LBC Radio: “I support Boris, I think he’s done an outstanding job. He delivered Brexit, he delivered the vaccine programme. I like to look at the sides. positive, not negative.

“I go back to Boris and guess what, I sent the group £250,000 six weeks ago at the height of partygate to support the party and support Boris. I think we should be grateful to Boris, the way he brought the vaccine. into this country and the way he did Brexit, and I’ve always supported him.”

At a side event at the Conservative Party’s Spring Conference in Blackpool, Mr Rees-Mogg said the ukraine > Ukraine crisis means politics has “re-adjusted to a new level of severity”.

Mr. Rees-Mogg then called for the public burning of “redundant” laws left over from EU regulations.

The newly minted minister on Brexit Chances and Government Efficiency, told party loyalists at the Tory Spring Conference in Blackpool he would support the public burning of the law.

The proposal to please the community comes as Mr Rees-Mogg announced that there are still close to 1,500 EU regulations in UK law.

Mr. Rees-Mogg promised to introduce a bill to eliminate “redundant, outdated and cumbersome laws” in the next session of Parliament.

And he said he would introduce a bill on scrap collection rules for government contracts worth billions of pounds.

Turning to his plan to burn the stage to legislate, he told the hall: “I think we should take inspiration from the Restoration.

“It took a year to do this, but in 1661 the public executioner, Old Palace Yard, I think, caught all of Cromwell’s illegal acts and burned them openly.

“What about European Union rules?”

Responding to a standing ovation from the audience, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “I believe there will be a lot of applications for public execution.”

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