Jameela Jamil says she pulled out of You season 4 audition because she didn’t want to do any sex scenes


Jameela Jamil announced that she turned down an audition for Netflix’s You because she didn’t want to appear in any sex scenes.

During a recent episode of the Podcrushed Podcast, which is hosted by You star Penn Badgley, the 37-year-old actress opened up about why she now regrets not doing the audition.

“I don’t do sex scenes. I was supposed to audition for the final season of your show,” Jamil told Badgley on Tuesday’s episode, referring to the show’s fourth season, which debuted in February.

The British actress explained that when she found out her “character was supposed to be pretty sexy,” she “withdrew from auditioning because I’m so shy of anything sexy that I can’t do it.”

She also shared that she would have gone through with the audition had she known it’s possible to enforce a “boundary” on the intimate scenes.

“And then you came out and said, ‘Yeah, I’m not doing any more sex scenes,'” Jamil recalled, nodding to Badgley’s viral negotiation with series creator Sera Gamble for fewer sex scenes.

She added, “And I was like, ‘I didn’t even know that’s a line that we can draw.’ But then I thought I should have gone and done the damn show.

Elsewhere in the interview, the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law star also revealed that she has to “fast-forward” when she sees sex scenes on screen, including her own.

Badgley first shared that he asked Gamble if he could tone down the number of “intimacy scenes” due to his marriage to singer Domino Kirke on a previous episode of “Podcrushed” in February.

“Fidelity in every relationship, especially in my marriage, is important to me,” said the 36-year-old at the time. “It just got to a point where I don’t want it anymore.”

In March, Badgley teased that Netflix thriller series You, based on author Caroline Kepnes’ books, might return for a final fifth season.

Netflix has not yet announced any plans for a sequel to the murder drama.

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