James Norton criticizes PM’s math plan: We need to keep nurturing the arts

Actor James Norton has criticized the Prime Minister’s plan for all pupils in the UK to study some form of math until the age of 18, saying “we need to continue to nurture the arts”.

In January, Rishi Sunak declared his mission to combat the high rate of infinity as he pledged to make it a central goal of the UK education system.

Norton, who played the infamous villain Tommy Lee Royce in BBC One’s hit TV series Happy Valley, has criticized the policy, arguing that children should be allowed to pursue subjects unrelated to their careers. .

When asked how to make the arts more accessible to children across the country, Norton told The News Agents podcast: “Well, the first thing you do is not follow the advice of Rishi Sunak and forcing people to study math up to A level.

“You nurture the arts and humanities during schooling and allow children to take courses that are not necessarily hands-on and vocational.

“And the most important thing is that schools, I guess, make sure they are supported and have outreach programs from centers of excellence in London and then in other major cities, and they go to those schools, and they introduce children to theater at an early age and thus have a perception.

The 37-year-old actor then talked about growing up in North Yorkshire and participating in youth theater performances.

He added: “Every summer break I put on a youth theater, it’s called Live Wire and it’s great.

“I went to the Stephen Joseph Theater in Scarborough for work experience one summer. So there’s stuff out there, just look for it and make sure the kids know it’s there.

Reflecting on the UK’s artistic heritage, he added: “This country has such a cultural heritage too and to waste that… Let’s talk about us being on the world stage. right now.

“I mean, the way shows like Happy Valley come to America, it’s amazing. I feel very proud when I pass there and the people who happen to meet me on the street and tell me about the Hebden Bridge…

“They watch it with subtitles, but they love it. And that’s a great advertisement for this country. So I think we need to continue to nurture the arts.”

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The actor also revealed that no Happy Valley cast or crew members other than him and Sarah Lancashire knew of the dramatic ending when Tommy faced arch nemesis, Sergeant Catherine Cawood. before dousing with gasoline and setting himself on fire. kitchen dining table.

“You have good directors and good sets, well run sets that create a theater atmosphere, and at the heart of this frenetic organization is the space in which you act,” says Norton. .

“All the lights, the cameras, the costumes and the makeup, it’s all on display, all the people’s work is on display from that tiny space.

“And sometimes it’s completely chaotic or there’s noise and chaos all around you.

“And sometimes, it’s that sacred space where you go and it’s as quiet as this library or this kind of church.

“And today, it’s crazy because most people, I think people, have seen the show, the first two series, everybody knows this day is very special.

“Nobody knew what was going to happen because they just gave the script to Sarah and me and the producers, who needed to know, so people were really excited to see what happens.”

Since 2014, the series has followed Catherine as she grieving for her daughter, Becky, while raising her grandson Ryan, played by Rhys Connah, and being chased by Ryan’s father, murderer and criminal sex Tommy.

The final episode sees Tommy’s eventual death as Catherine begins to fulfill her retirement dream of touring the Himalayas in a Land Rover.

Show creator Sally Wainwright previously told Newsnight that the final episode was “all thanks to Sarah (Lancashire)” after she expressed her displeasure with Wainwright’s original ending.

She said: “I wrote the first draft (for the final episode) and everyone seemed pretty happy with it, then she made it clear that she was not happy with it and (over Christmas 2021) )… she came to my house and she spent the whole day talking about it and she gave me some really good notes.

“So things were pushed a little further in that episode and it’s all thanks to Sarah.”

She added that she knew it would be “satisfying” and that “there’s no point in ending on an upbeat note” for Catherine as she’s someone motivated for “the good”.

Both seasons one and two of Happy Valley won Baftas for best drama and screenplay.

According to the BBC’s overnight figures, the last 70-minute episode drew an average audience of 7.5 million viewers.

https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/james-norton-criticises-pms-maths-plan-we-need-to-keep-nurturing-the-arts-42332416.html James Norton criticizes PM’s math plan: We need to keep nurturing the arts

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