Jane Seymour posed for Playboy at 67 to ‘inspire women who kind of give up’

They say life begins at forty, but with Jane Seymour it seems like the older you get, the more fun it is.

The actress became the oldest model to pose for Playboy when she made her third appearance in the magazine four years ago at 67 to inspire women of a certain age who may have lost their luster.

Now 71, she says she found it very liberating and told us she felt she could help women who might have “given up.”

Jane, mother to Katherine, 40, Sean, 36, and twins John and Kristopher, 26, was featured in the hit 1969 film Oh! What A Lovely War directed by Richard Attenborough – through whom she met and married her first husband Michael Attenborough in 1971.

In 1973 she played Bond Girl Solitaire opposite Roger Moore’s 007 in Live and Let Die, before going on to win award-winning roles in other films and television series.

The actress became the oldest model to pose for Playboy when she made her third appearance in the magazine at 67


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And she wants to help older women shine again


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She also showcased her comedic skills in the 2005 film Wedding Crashers, in which she played the wife of a politician with the hots for Owen Wilson’s Lothario character.

Fans were thrilled to see her character Kathleen – or Kitty Cat – trying to seduce Owen with her new boobs, and that role changed everything for Jane.

“I saw Owen a few days ago,” the star tells us from her home in Malibu. “And I said, ‘Owen, you know what? Since that film, it doesn’t matter what career I had before or after. I’m The Tit Lady now!’”

Despite four divorces, she has never given up on love. Her old friend, producer David Green, 72, became her boyfriend eight years ago. But while she’s obviously very happy, Jane doesn’t want him to put a ring on him and become husband number five.

Jane lives her life on her terms. So it’s no wonder she jumped at the chance to play an amateur detective in her latest TV drama.

In 1973, she played Bond Girl Solitaire alongside Roger Moore’s 007 in Live And Let Die


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But what made her pose for Playboy for the third time at 67?

“I was just like, ‘What? Why would they want a woman in her mid to late 60s to be Playboy?’ I would never be naked, but they would celebrate being a woman my age.

“And I was just like, ‘Well, you know, that might be inspirational to some women who are kind of giving up.'”

Jane has heard stories “all my life” of women who gave up at a certain age.

“People said, ‘When I had my first child, my husband told me I had to cut my hair.’ How really?” she scoffs.

“And then I meet women who say, ‘I’ve never cut my hair. Even though I have four kids. I told my husband until Jane Seymour cuts her hair, I don’t cut mine.’

“And then I point out that the only reason I didn’t cut my hair is because I had it cut once and wanted it to flip — but it flops!”

Jane Seymour played Roger Moore as 007 the psychic solitaire


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Jane has always inspired women to flaunt what they have and she admits that starring in the movie Wedding Crashers “literally changed everything”.

“People suddenly said, ‘Oh my God!’ and then they kept scrolling to see if they could see me naked, but I was never actually naked. Never,” she said

“And it’s so funny on planes, I could see guys walking back and forth, back and forth, thinking, ‘She must be naked somewhere.'”

It’s hard to believe the actress is in such great shape at 71 – but she’s not on a strict diet.

“Not strictly, but I just had my green juice from the garden, I grow all my organic veggies there,” she said.

“I like Mediterranean food, I eat fresh vegetables and fruit.

“And I don’t eat meat, although I do eat fish or sometimes chicken. And I never drink too much. I mean I have no problem with that. So a glass or two of wine at the end of the day depending on if I have to work the next day.”

Jane Seymour as Harry Wild, an amateur detective


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Jane has a gym at her house but says she rarely uses it.

“I tend to do some ballet practice. I put my leg on the kitchen counter and stretch,” she said.

“I never smoke and I don’t like medication. You know, even if I had major surgery and they give me codeine, I can’t wait not to take it.”

Jane is in a relationship with British film director David Green and they met when he was a junior director at the BBC.

“They wanted to make a film about Mata Hari and they sent it to America because they said, ‘Jane Seymour counts as an American, so we can get money if you can get her to play Mata Hari.’

“I met him and loved his films. And I said yes. Then they never did the film, it failed.”

Actress Jane Seymour and director David Green


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They knew each other for years before they got together


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It took them years to get back together after meeting through work but have stayed in touch as they have mutual best friends.

“So we had been socializing for a bit, but we had never gone out. He was married 24 years. And me too,” she said.

“And we had the same number of children. Then his wife separated from him. And I found myself single and we were sitting on my balcony with our mutual friend and we realized we were both single and we were probably with the wrong people.”

Jane says at 71 she has no plans to remarry.

“I have no need to,” she said.

“I know he would marry me, but I was just like, ‘Why? You really want the number five next to your name? I won’t do that to you!’”

Now Jane is back on TV playing the carefree amateur detective in Harry Wild.

Jane says it’s so much fun playing Harry Wild.


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“I really enjoyed being Harry. I think a little bit of Harry rubbed off on me. And a little bit of me rubbed off on Harry,” she said.

“I hope people love it as much as I do because I think it’s brilliantly written. And it’s fun, it’s comedic, and it’s empathetic. You care about everyone. It’s the kind of material I want to see.”

And she believes the show will encourage older women to be more adventurous in their life choices.

“I think that’s going to be one thing: are you a Harry Wild? Is there a Harry Wild in you? If you had half a chance, would you do what she does? They are so much fun to play!”

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