January 6: Lawyer tried to explain the riot on CNN. It didn’t go well.


A lawyer representing dozens of the alleged Jan. 6, 2021 rioters was checked live on CNN after attempting to explain the Donald Trump-instigated riot to moderate Abby Phillip.

John Pierce downplayed the mob storming of the US Capitol, falsely claiming the “narrative” it was violent was false and that there was indeed violence on “both sides”.

“No no no. It was a violent event. Look, it was a violent event,” corrected Phillip Pierce.

“Abby, Abby, Abby. “Some of the cops didn’t do their jobs,” Pierce replied.

Phillip pointed out how Trump supporters attacked the Capitol.

Some of them were armed, others severely attacked police officers, she recalled.

But Pierce again claimed that classifying the day’s events as violent was unfair, then said condescendingly to Phillip, “I know more about this than you do, with all due respect, a lot more.”

Twitter users praised Phillip for bringing up the lawyer’s claims.

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