J’Asiah Mitchell: A child’s body has been found after a two-year-old was reported missing

Georgia authorities said they are working to confirm the body of a child found in a landfill is a missing toddler whose father was accused of lying about his son’s kidnapping.

East Point Police said they discovered the remains of what they believe to be two-year-old J’Asiah Mitchell at East Point Transfer Station on Wednesday after the child was reported missing August 16 by his father.

“We have not confirmed the identity of the child J’Asiah Mitchell; However, given the circumstances of this case, there is a high probability,” the police said on Wednesday.

Police added they are now considering 23-year-old Artavious North as a possible suspect after he initially reported that J’Asiah was kidnapped during an armed robbery.

A photo by J'Asiah Mitchell.
A photo by J’Asiah Mitchell.

The disappearance of the young child sparked a frantic search.

Asia Mitchell, J’Asiah’s mother, who is separated from North, told the local news outlet WSB TV last week that she had no idea who was going to take her son.

“He’s only two. He doesn’t know what’s going on, just like I don’t know what’s going on. I’m just as confused as he is, and he’s probably just as scared as I am,” the outlet’s mother said.

Days later, police said that despite what North allegedly told them and the boy’s mother, there had been no evidence of an armed robbery or kidnapping. North was arrested and charged with misrepresentation and false reporting of a crime.

The search effort continued, and Mitchell turned to GoFundMe for help.

“We’re searching everywhere we walk and everything in between to find J’asiah,” Mitchell said in the statement GoFundMe.

As of Thursday, GoFundMe was titled “Rest in Peace” by Jasiah Deon Mitchell, and his mother confirmed they had found him. She said she will now use donations towards his funeral and thanked everyone who had offered support and prayers.

“This was so unexpected,” she wrote. “I never thought I would have to do this, but things happen for a reason that is God’s plan.”

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