Jason Momoa has 5 blunt words for tourists considering a “vacation” amid the Maui fires


Jason Momoa warned would-be tourists ‘DO NOT TRAVEL TO MAUI’ as deadly wildfires ravaged the community this week.

“Don’t convince yourself that your presence is necessary on an island that is suffering so badly,” Momoa wrote on his Instagram page.

“Mahalo to all who have donated and shown aloha to the community during this time of need.”

The text in the clips reads: “The devastation caused by the wildfires will have a lasting impact on Maui’s resources across the island. Our community needs time to heal, mourn and recover… Don’t book a hotel stay… Survivors are a priority.”

Momoa’s post also made suggestions on how people can help with the forest fire relief effort.

Firefighters continue to battle Maui County’s wildfires that have seen buildings “razed to the ground,” vehicles and apartment complexes “burned” in what residents likened to “a war zone,” according to the Associated Press.

The wildfires that devastated most of historic Lahaina marked Hawaii’s deadliest natural disaster in over half a century.

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