Jayson Tatum apologizes to Janet Jackson after Game 6


Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum may be celebrating his team’s recent win of the first round of the NBA Playoff Series, but he also has regrets.

During a court interview Thursday, Tatum apologized to Janet Jackson for playing a major role in the singer’s postponing of a recent concert.

“I want to apologize to the legend Janet Jackson,” he said. “We should wrap it up in Boston. She had to postpone her show. I hope she sees that. I apologize for that.”

Janet has apparently seen the message since she retweeted a clip of Tatum’s apology on Saturday.

The Celtics defeated the Atlanta Hawks 128-120 in Game 6 of the playoff series in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday. The Hawks avoided going out with an upset win over the Celtics on Tuesday, forcing the two teams to play again on Thursday.

Jackson, who was scheduled to perform at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Thursday to postpone their concert see you on Friday.

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young had a very different message for the music icon after his team’s victory on Tuesday caused Jackson’s concert postponement.

“Sorry, not sorry for this LEGEND”, he tweeted Earlier this week: “I hope she can be in the game now!”

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