Jen Psaki exposes Donald Trump’s election fraud


Donald Trump may seek to portray himself as a victim as he faces increased scrutiny — and possible indictment — over his attempts to redeem his 2020 election defeat.

But MSNBC’s Jen Psaki said Sunday voters should have no doubts about who the real victims are.

It’s those that Trump “left behind in his attempts to stay in power,” the former Biden White House press secretary said, including Americans whom Trump tried to disenfranchise, election officials targeted by Trump’s base and those injured in the violent US Capitol Uprising.

“Regardless of what Donald Trump says on the campaign trail and what his supporters would like us to believe, it’s important to remember that he’s not the victim here,” Psaki said.

“The victims are the institutions, the people and the foundations themselves that have helped sustain our democracy for over 240 years,” she added. “Trump’s lies about the election remain a threat as long as those in power use them for political gain.”

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