Jesse Watters gleefully envisions Trump’s “Out for Blood” tour as “revenge tour.”


Trump now faces charges of knowingly spreading lies about the 2020 election in order to overturn the results – culminating in his supporters’ siege of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 to certify the President’s victory prevent Joe Biden.

But before Trump was even on trial, Watters envisioned Trump’s future wrath against the Democrats, who he believes are responsible for his predicament, not his own wrongdoing.

“If Trump wins after pardoning himself, welcome to the revenge spree,” Watters said. “Oh, he’ll be out for blood. Do you think he will put the past to rest? He’s going to put his men on trial, and the Clintons, Obamas, the Pelosis, the Schiffs, and of course the Bidens – all face legal challenges. Their family members, their foundations, their companies, after that it’s all fair game.”

“If you’re trying to let a 78-year-old former president die in prison far from his friends and family, charge him with 78 counts after spying on him and charging him twice, then you better believe it’s open season.” , he added.

“If you fool around with us, if you do something bad to us, we will do things to you that have never happened before,” Trump said in a recently released recording.

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