Jessie J celebrates her partner Chanan Safir Colman

Jessie J is no longer holding back when it comes to her romantic life.

The English singer, born Jessica Cornish, recently gushed about her partner, Danish professional basketball player Chanan Safir Colman, in a series of posts on Instagram. The couple greeted a little boy Last month.

The “Bang Bang” singer posted a video montage A Monday full of sweet moments that she shared with Colman in honor of Denmark’s Father’s Day, which falls on June 5th.

“Oh fuck it. “I can’t keep secrets from ALL AH DIS LOVEEEE INSIDE OF MEEEE,” she captioned the post. “Happy 1st Father’s Day baby. Damn, it suits you.”

In an Instagram Story, Jessie J described the video montage as “I don’t keep things private” and wrote, “Life is short man. I don’t want to love him silently anymore.”

In a post on Tuesday, the singer also shared a slide show of photos from the couple’s black and white maternity shoot.

Jessie J had previously kept her relationship with Colman private. The two sparked love rumors after they were photographed together last year. The singer had an on-and-off relationship with Channing Tatum before their split in 2020.

Jessie J during a performance in London on February 28.
Jessie J during a performance in London on February 28.

Joseph Okpako via Getty Images

Jessie J announced the birth of her child last month in a now-defunct Instagram Story. according to Billboard. On May 19, she shared that she had given birth to her son a week earlier.

“The feeling is indescribable,” she wrote, per Billboard. “I fly in love. he is magic He makes all my dreams come true.”

The singer has previously opened up about the pregnancy loss. In 2021, she shared that she had experienced a miscarriage in a now-deleted Instagram post, per E! News reported.

“Getting pregnant was a miracle in itself and an experience I will never forget and know I will have again,” she wrote at the time.

Speaking about her relationship with Colman, Jessie J revealed over the weekend in a now-defunct Instagram Story that she met the basketball player weeks after her miscarriage.

“Like a ray of light,” she wrote, according to People. “He brightened my dark days. It was a stormy love and a miracle that we got pregnant naturally without a single problem.”

“Grateful isn’t enough,” she added. “He gave me many of the best gifts of my life.”

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