Jesus Christ “bled to death after dislocating his shoulder carrying the cross,” says the doctor-turned-priest


Jesus Christ died of fatal bleeding caused by a dislocated shoulder while carrying the cross, a doctor-turned-priest claimed.

The Bible tells how Jesus fell while carrying the cross to Calvary for his own crucifixion in ancient Jerusalem.

It also tells how a Roman soldier pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, causing “blood and water” to spurt out.

Father Patrick Pullicino, a former consulting neurologist, analyzed the work of experts on the Shroud of Turin and now theorized that Jesus died of internal bleeding.

The shroud, kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista in Turin, Italy since 1578, has long been the subject of speculation as to its authenticity. In the 1980s it was tested using radiocarbon methods, concluding that it was likely a medieval relic.

However, more recent studies argue that the linen cloth dates to the time of Christ.

Father Pullicino, who became a priest after retiring from the medical profession, realized that the image on the shroud was of a man with a dislocated shoulder, noting that it had been pulled out of its socket so far that the right hand ten centimeters lower than the left .

writing in Catholic Medical Quarterlyhe said: “Due to this stretching of the right arm, the right subclavian/axillary artery was also stretched as it was one of the few remaining intact structures connecting the body and right arm.

“The transfer of body weight to the arms during inhalation likely resulted in further stretching of the right subclavian artery. Shifting weight to the legs on the exhale would reverse this stretch.

“This would cause the stretched subclavian artery to move across the rib surface with each breath, and its underside would be subject to friction. This paper posits that over the course of three hours the subclavian artery was abraded, injured and its wall weakened until the artery eventually ruptured and profuse bleeding ensued.”

This new theory, he argues, explains why blood flowed from Jesus when he was pierced by the centurion according to tradition. Father Pullicino agrees with other scholars that Jesus’ dislocated arm was most likely the result of being pinched under the T-shaped cross he had to carry.

The abrasions on the back of the Shroud of Turin indicate that it was displaced from his right side to his left, possibly due to his inability to use his dislocated arm after the fall.

Roman soldiers routinely broke the legs of those they had crucified to hasten their deaths, but since Jesus had already died, his legs remained unbroken.

Father Pullicino’s medical analysis also has echoes of spiritual Christian visions. St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a 12th-century monk, claimed that he once spoke to Jesus and asked him what his greatest unknown suffering was.

Jesus replied, “I had on my shoulder, as I was carrying my cross in the path of sorrows, a grievous wound, more painful than the others, and which men do not record.”

Pope John Paul II had a similar experience when he met Padre Pio, the Italian mystic famous for bearing the stigmata. The future Pope asked Padre Pio which of his injuries were the most painful.

“It’s my shoulder wound that nobody knows about and has never been treated,” came the reply.

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