Jimmy Kimmel has a theory about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign


Jimmy Kimmel may have figured out what’s really going on with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s offbeat presidential campaign.

The whole thing could be the work of Borat – aka actor Sacha Baron Cohen – in yet another disguise.

Due to the writers’ strike, Kimmel was not on the air. Although he tweets sporadically, it’s usually not about current events.

But on Wednesday, the late-night anchor shared one of Kennedy’s tweets along with his Borat theory:

While Kennedy is challenging President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, much of his support has come from far-right figures like Twitter host Tucker Carlson.

The latter caught Kimmel’s attention because Kennedy’s message about weight gain was part of a thread that included the push-up video.

Kimmel was right when he was skeptical of Kennedy’s claim: Americans have not gained an average of 29 pounds during the pandemic.

Kennedy was probably referring to one American Psychological Association survey A study conducted in 2021 found 42 percent of Americans gained weight in the first year of COVID lockdowns.

The average weight gain was 29 pounds, but only in this group, not in all Americans.

However, other studies have controversial these findings and a study last year found that during the pandemic, Americans gained about as much weight as they did the year before…which means COVID-19 did little to no effect on weight.

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