Jimmy Kimmel “just asks questions” about Tucker Carlson in a brutal monologue


Kimmel noticed reports that Fox News kept “a dirty file” on Carlson in case they need it against him now that they’ve parted ways with the former host.

That got Kimmel thinking.

“What could you possibly have about Tucker Carlson that would embarrass him?” he asked, then answered his own question with more questions.

“Has he ever tried to buy an economical car? Does he have a collection of non-Hitler paintings?” he asked. “Is it possible they have pictures of him on a horse French kissing Vladimir Putin?”

As he spoke, a graphic like the one often seen on Carlson’s show popped up with these and other wild conspiracy theories about his sudden exit from the right-wing network.

“To quote Tucker, I’m not saying he did these things, I’m just asking questions,” he said. “Why don’t we ask questions about such things?”

Kimmel also discovered another “secret weapon” Fox News could use against Carlson if the need arose: “Every episode of his show.”

See more in his monologue on Wednesday night:

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