Joan Collins’ secret gender name for husband and wife and TV date night about caviar-wrapped potatoes

At what was named showbiz couple of the year, the couple welcomed old and new friends to Claridge’s, where they enjoyed their 2002 wedding together. Joan Collins of the party held on February 17 said: “It was amazing. “A perfect night.”

Joan wore a silver Jenny Packham gown, decorated with her Damehood Grand Cross, for the Art Deco-themed white-tie event. Old friends joining them include the Delevingne family and jewelry designer Theo Fennell. Other friends, such as Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian, Simon Cowell and partner Lauren Silverman, and Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon and his wife Yasmin, mingle with the likes of the Duchess of York and co-stars of the Kingdom of Joan Emma Samms and Stephanie Beacham.

In the ballroom, guests dine at tables named after Hollywood stars and Joe Pettitt and his LP Swing orchestra play classics before showtime.

The speeches were led by good friend Christopher Biggins – who sent the crowd into a frenzy when he joked about Joan turning on ITV’s The Masked Singer, noting that she was “pretty, sexy – and wild Carry”.

At 88, Joan is the epitome of glamor

The couple never gets old (pictured in 2021)


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The audience then swoons when Percy describes Joan as, “My Angel who comes from Heaven.”

And when it was Joan’s turn, she nervously stood up and admitted, “I lost my speech. I can’t be as funny as you guys! ” But she was sewn up as she shrugs, “Wow, he’s still here!” Joan added, “We haven’t been apart for a day in 22 years. I call him Perfect Percy, which he hates, and sometimes Big Dog, which he loves.”

The night ended with the DJ performing the classic song Rio by Macarena and Duran Duran.

Joan, who has been married four times before, has children Tara and Alexander with her second husband, Anthony Newley, and Katy with a third, Ron Kass. Percy had been married once before.

Here they talk about the highlights of their party and keeping the romance alive…

Hello both and happy 20 years together! Do you enjoy the evening?

Joan with Fergie


Brian Aris)

Joan: Oh, it’s breathtaking, it’s perfect. It was loads of fun. It’s incredibly elegant, stylish, smart, full of fun, friends, joy, happiness, kindness, empathy, good food, good wine, and good dancing.

Percy: And scared!

Joan: What is fear?

Percy: Everyone canceled at the last minute!

Joan: Well, that’s true. I won’t name but I changed location last minute!

How frustrating!

Joan: Well, pretty! It took three weeks of organizing, in consultation with Big Dog.

Percy: Limited counseling session, Joan doesn’t need me! You know she made the spot at our wedding in the midst of an earthquake in Acapulco? So the handwriting was a bit shaky, but even a 5.9 earthquake didn’t stop her from making it great.

So you organized the night yourself, Joan?

Joan: Well, I tend to be in charge of our social arrangements like this, and then Percy is in charge of our finances. He checks everything. He’ll say, “What’s that you don’t have this £4.50 receipt for?”

Percy: It matters [laughs]!

Joan: I’m a good organizer. And at the party, I want to sit with other people they know, but also with people they’ll find interesting. Everyone says they have the most beautiful table.

How does it feel to meet again some of the guests you had at your wedding 20 years ago?

Joan: That’s great! I love having my brother Bill and sister-in-law Hazel there, and likewise Christopher Biggins, Theo and Louise Fennell, Charles and Pandora Delevingne, and their girls, Poppy and Chloe. And Theo’s daughter, Emerald, who won an Oscar. They were all present at the wedding as little girls. I remember them dancing the Macarena!

Percy: So I asked the DJ to play Macarena again this time.

Joan: I’m so busy on the dance floor!

How do you decide on a guest list for something like this?

Joan has met everyone – from singers to royalty but her ideal night is TV and a potato coat


Press Association)

Percy: You take the initial list, then you add all the people you’ve met since – and remove the dead ones!

Joan: Mind you, in the two weeks before the party, we kept seeing people we didn’t invite. We kicked ourselves.

Percy: That’s because Joan has a lot of friends.

Joan: Well, here I come!

You’ve got Stephanie and Emma there – a Kingdom reunion!

Joan: Yeah, it was amazing. We see them a lot, we keep in touch.

What are your memories of Dynasty?

The couple has been married for 20 years


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Joan: It was a great experience. I love playing Alexis. I love her so much that everyone thinks that’s who I am – because I’m totally her place. When I put on that outfit and say my lines, I’m not Joan anymore, I’m Alexis. In a way, that’s what I’ve been frustrated with ever since.

Percy: Not fair. Because Joan is the most generous, open-minded, unmanipulative woman in the world.

Joan: Oh, I’m blushing.

Your speech is lovely. Did you have a favorite moment?

Joan: It’s a bit fuzzy. I’m so nervous about my speech, I find it hard to concentrate.

Percy: And you also went in the end, which was the hardest thing to do.

Joan: Speaking makes me nervous.

We can’t imagine you being the nervous type!

Joan: When I act, I have a script, I know what I’m doing. With a speech, you write it yourself and you don’t know if it’s going to be good or not.

Percy: You did a great job!

You talked about how you’ve spent each day together since meeting each other. How do you not get sick of each other?

Joan: We give each other space. He has his own dressing room, bathroom and office.

Percy: She’s sick of me! For example when I snore… I will be told! “Honey, it’s 5 a.m. – I’m snoring!” Joan did nothing wrong. I was never excited by anything she did.

Joan: Yes, you have! Sometimes, when I want you to change my necklace, you get annoyed.

Percy: Yeah, yeah, it’s hard if I’m there with a cigarette dangling from my mouth and a shopping bag in hand.

What is a typical day in your family like?

Percy: She would wake me up with a lovely hug and kiss.

Joan: Then he would go into another room to read his papers and smoke more cigarettes. I would watch TV for breakfast and read my newspaper, and drink coffee.

Percy: And then we’ll start our day. We work together, so we need to constantly check in with each other. I don’t know what’s going on with society, she doesn’t care about the minutiae of balancing books. But it worked!

When working together, how do you keep the relationship strong?

Percy: We still enjoy a date night.

Joan: Our ideal date nights are caviar on a baked potato in front of the TV, watching Gogglebox! I’d rather be on Gogglebox. We will be great.

Percy: We go out to dinner, but overall we like to watch a movie or TV show. We really enjoyed the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson mini-series [Pam & Tommy] at this time.

Joan: Somewhat terribly rude…

Percy: That’s funny.

What are the highlights of your 20 years?

Joan: We’ve done a lot of great things.

Percy: That’s the great thing about Joan, there’s always something to look forward to from her. She packs life with joy.

Joan: Well, life is a party! Eat life, or life will eat you! As for fond memories, our seventh wedding anniversary, at the Bel-Air Hotel in LA, was a great night.

Percy, 20 years ago, you said you were hurt when the press labeled you a “gold digger” due to your age gap and Joan’s star status. How do you look back on that now?

Percy: I was in a lot of pain. No one knows what kind of person I am.

Joan: He comes from a very good family and has a very good job. They even named a street in Lima [in Peru, where Percy was born] Percy Gibson Street, after his grandfather.

Percy: And 20 years later, I wonder if everyone is saying the same thing now!

You proved them wrong!

Percy: The only thing that proves everyone wrong is timing.

Joan: Not many actresses have been married for 20 years.

Percy: A lot of couples from our contemporaries broke up.

Joan: Practically everyone! I think it’s easier to get married if you’re not a Hollywood actor.

Percy: But we both took marriage seriously from the start.

Joan: Well, I practiced a bit first!

Finally, what is the secret to your happy marriage?

Joan: Separate bathroom!

Percy: And just someone to laugh at every day. Joan Collins' secret gender name for husband and wife and TV date night about caviar-wrapped potatoes

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