John Oliver exposes the worst Trump policy Biden still employs today


John Oliver slammed President Joe Biden on Sunday night’s “Last Week Tonight” for not delivering on one of his biggest promises for 2020.

Biden promised to reverse Donald Trump’s restrictive immigration policy and let asylum seekers back into the country.

But as Oliver pointed out, “Biden has disappointed in many ways,” and the changes that are imminent could actually worsen the border crisis.

Trump, Oliver said, used a public health order called Title 42 to block immigrants, claiming it would stop the spread of the coronavirus early in the pandemic, despite the lack of evidence to back it up.

Biden has not reversed this policy.

As Oliver noted, it still exists today.

It is due to be phased out for good this month, and would-be immigrants will then be expected to use an app that Oliver says is so bad it’s been compared to Ticketmaster.

He added that the icon for the app looks like a border guard with “an angry boner,” which he aptly dubbed “given how thoroughly he fucks people.”

Oliver played an old clip of Biden from the 2020 campaign.

“You can’t even seek asylum on American soil?” Biden then. “When did that happen?”

“I can answer that for you, Joe,” Oliver interjected. “Now! It’s usually like you’ve just proposed.”

Oliver said that while Title 42 could end, Biden’s proposal means not much will change.

“We are entering another phase of an immigration dystopia,” he warned.

Oliver acknowledged that Trump was far worse on immigration.

Watch his full segment below:

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