Jokes debunk the ‘too stupid’ argument now being used by Trump supporters


Donald Trump didn’t get the big crowds he was hoping for when he called his supporters to protest his impeachment last week, and those who came seemed totally absorbed in some pretty wild conspiracy theories.

Prankster duo The Good Liars found out why.

“After speaking to many of these people, I kind of realized that…they hadn’t read the indictment. They haven’t read any articles about it,” Jason Selvig, one half of the team, said on MSNBC this weekend. “I think a lot of them actually got their news about the Trump impeachment through Donald Trump’s social media feed on Truth Social.”

As a result, they didn’t so much refute the allegations as parroting his “what about” claims about Hillary Clinton, President Joe Biden, and others.

“It’s really hard for them to change their minds on all of this when their news source for the impeachment is Donald Trump,” he said.

One person Selvig spoke to believes that President John F. Kennedy is still alive:

Davram Stiefler, the other half of The Good Liars, found a Trump supporter who he agreed with … sort of.

“The defense of the whole thing was that having the documents there would be too stupid to keep them in a bathroom. Why would anyone do that, it would just be so stupid,” he said on MSNBC in a clip published on Raw Story. “And of course I agree it was stupid, but I also believe it’s true.”

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