Judge dismisses Trump’s lawsuit against the New York Times and orders him to pay attorney’s fees


A New York judge on Wednesday dismissed former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against the New York Times, saying the newspaper’s reporting of his tax returns was protected under the First Amendment.

Trump then sued the paper, three of his reporters and his niece Mary Trump in 2021 a series of bombastic reports about his tax records. At the time, the ex-president demanded “no less” than $ 100 million, which he accused the journalists of Participation in an “insidious conspiracy” to get the records from his niece.

The series later won a Pulitzer Prize.

The judge dismissed the former president’s argument On Wednesday, he said the case “failed on constitutional grounds” and asked Trump to pay the Times’ and its reporters’ legal fees and related costs.

“Courts have long recognized that reporters are entitled to engage in legal and ordinary news-gathering activities without fear of tort liability — because such activities are core First Amendment protected activities,” wrote Robert Reed, Justice of the New York Supreme Court, in his decision.

There was no ruling on the case against Mary Trump, who said She was the source for reporting in The Times. your lawyers told The Washington Post They were pleased with the ruling, adding that they are “confident that the court will also protect Ms. Trump’s exercise of her First Amendment rights.”

The Times was also pleased with the verdict.

Trump’s lawyers told the Times they were evaluating his options and “continued to fight vigorously for him.” It is unclear whether they intend to appeal the verdict.

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