Kamala Harris is “concerned” about turnout in 2024 election


Vice President Kamala Harris said she was “concerned” about turnout as she appeared to criticize Republicans for proposing and passing legislation making voting difficult “without apology.”

In an interview While MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton posted on Saturday, Harris opened up about whether she’s concerned about turnout, particularly among blacks, ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“I always worry about turnout, no matter what election we are talking about. Because let’s — in a moment where we thank everyone for what they did to vote in 2020 — let’s acknowledge that it takes an effort to go to the polls,” said Harris, who pointed to the ” Obligations” of those who have multiple jobs and take care of children.

The vice president went on to explain that the people for whom “the stakes are highest” in the election are often those who least afford the luxury of taking time out from their everyday lives to pursue their cast vote.

“I worry about this because I also know that a lot of efforts have been made and laws passed to make it harder for people to vote,” she later said.

“I mean, can you imagine that, Rev? In the United States of America, we’ve been through all these struggles — the March on Washington, John Lewis, all that — and these so-called leaders who have the courage to propose and pass legislation without apology to make it harder for the American people to choose. The cheek,” she added.

Republicans have been pushing for tighter voter requirements following former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat.

The “rush to limit voting access after the 2020 election has eased somewhat this year” The Brennan Center for Justice noted in a June report, though it’s still at “near record highs.”

At least 13 restrictive electoral laws were enacted this year, “exceeding the total number of restrictive laws enacted in any year of the past decade except 2021,” the center said.

“I’m concerned that we have to do everything we can to remind people why it’s important and also fight against the people who are trying to make it difficult,” Harris said of the vote .

Watch more of Harris’ interview with Sharpton below.

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