Kari Lake flatters Donald Trump with one of her brazen claims yet


Arizona’s failed gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, lavished praise on Donald Trump in a new interview, saying the former president is “so strong” he won’t need a vice president if he wins the White House in 2024.

“I don’t think he needs a vice president. If there’s ever a president so strong he doesn’t need one, it’s him,” enthused Lake, a former TV host who is considered a possible Trump running mate for 2024, on the latest episode of Tim Pool’s podcast, The Culture War “. .

Lake said later in the interview that “the fact that the media is asking about Trump’s vice presidential nominee” “means they recognize that he will be the nominee.”

“I don’t hear anyone asking if other people are running and who their vice president is going to be,” she said.

Lake then added even more praise to the former president, whose 2020 election lies served as a template for her failed attempts to redeem her own loss to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Trump is “so strong,” Lake said, “that he doesn’t really need a vice president, but he needs someone, if he’s picking someone, I think the media hates more than him, who’s loyal, who’s loyal and.” will continue to be faithful.”

“I mean, we saw with Mike Pence that he wasn’t really loyal,” Lake added, citing then-Vice President Pence’s refusal to bow to Trump’s January 6, 2021 insurgency plot.

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