Kari Lake posts book promotion tweet and gets mocked


Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake attempted to promote her book. “Fearless,” on Friday, and Twitter users weren’t afraid to savagely mock the ex-news anchor.

Lake has lost numerous court battles but continues to falsely insist she is the true governor of Arizona while trying to raise funds or, as on Friday, promote her book, which she has Twitter users to “PRE-ORDER NOW “ reminded.

The reactions were brutal, with at least one person wondering if the title of “Huge Cheater and Loser” was already taken.

Other people had questions for Lake. Pretty hard questions. For example, whether the book can be found in the “Political Fantasy Genre” section.

Lake’s book will be officially released on June 27, and she may need money from sales to hire more attorneys.

On Thursday, Stephen Richer, a senior Republican election official in Arizona, filed a defamation lawsuit against Lake, saying he faces “violent malice and other dire consequences.” because of the lies spread by the ex-newscaster.

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