Kesha says Seinfeld’s refusal to hug her during viral encounter was the “saddest moment of my life.”


Kesha said she still thinks about that “depressing” moment with Jerry Seinfeld six years ago.

Kesha said she was exhausted from the tour but attended the National Night of Laughter and Song in Washington after hearing that Seinfeld might be attending.

She said she owns the entire Seinfeld series on DVD and carries a selection “around the world” to watch while unwinding after performances or to relieve anxiety.

“When things got bumpy on the plane, I would stop by ‘Seinfeld’ and say, ‘Everything is fine with the world,’ and look out for my mate,” Kesha told Scharpling. “Then I’ll come to the bloody charity event.”

He said he and Kesha laughed at the off-camera encounter, but he still didn’t hug her.

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